Visiting Ba Be Lake in the North of Vietnam

Over time, Ba Be still retains its pristine, pure and peaceful nature.

Ba Be Lake 1

If you do not know where to go on weekends, think of Ba Be Lake

Ba Be (Ba Be District, Bac Kan Province) is the largest natural freshwater lake in the North and is one of the world’s most beautiful lakes. About 240 km from Hanoi, Ba Be Lake is suitable for short trips. Actually, for many people, Ba Be lake is boring because … “beyond the lake and boat ride” a tour round, visit the cave without any special experience, no cafe, , Eateries. Rooms are small, no air conditioning, experiences like trekking, bicycling is more suitable for foreign visitors than domestic tourists … But for many people, the place has always had a strange attraction.

There are no high-rise buildings, no flamboyant or fast-paced developments like other tourist destinations, Ba Be Lake keeps its pristine, pure and peaceful nature. If you like quiet places, like living with nature, do not overlook Ba Be Lake.

You can choose Pac Ngoi as a place to rest, there are the floor houses nestled behind mountains, simple and extremely close. Pac Ngoi small, only a few dozen households, some households open homestay service. The people here are very gentle, plain and do not know how to travel. Perhaps that is why this place is loved by tourists. Everything is slow and peaceful.

Ba Be Lake 3

In Pac Ngoi village, everything is homestay, where you can share the house with the host family, which is cooked by the owner. The specialties here are Ba Be fish, chicken stock, vegetables in the garden … Guests will be together sip a glass of glittery wine, enjoy the national cuisine and chat with the owner, watching Sunset over the lake … enough for one day “run away” from cramped, dusty streets.


Evening at the lake is a quiet time when night falls over the lake, the road. If you meet moonlit day, you can see the water surface shimmering silver color. Try a quiet, noisy evening, no TV, phone, email … Try sitting on the balcony looking at the lake at night, or gather to chat with friends, relax after a while. Work hard, regain spirit before returning to everyday life.

In the morning, do not miss the opportunity to get up early to enjoy the cold air of the lake, sip hot coffee and listen to music Trinh. You will feel an early peace that you may have “lost” somewhere long time ago. Then there is no need to go far, just stroll around the Pac Ngoi, you will also enjoy the scenery, so poetic scene here.

Ba Be Lake 2

For more experience, buy food from the nearby market and bring it to the mountains for baking. Take the stone for cooking, take the corn coke to make the leaves, the leaves to make the plate. Enjoy the delicious food by yourself, beside the majestic waterfall, surely no one can not feel the vibration before the scene here.

If you are a nature lover, discovering Ba Be Lake is a great weekend getaway for you. If you do not want to try living with nature, forget about the worries of life is also a good place to be. Just open your heart and accept it only.

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