Travelling to Cam Mountain in An Giang

If you are lucky to come to Thien Cam Son – “Da Lat of the Mekong Delta” on a cloudy day, you will forget you are standing in the Southern that is hot year round.

It is summer, the land of the South is always hot as baking. From the East to the South West, all the places are hot with burning sun from dawn to dusk. However, only about 15 minutes swing in the air, the heat is gone, only a blue lake with a slight breeze swinging in my eyes. Sitting on the small hillside flooded with flowers, I suspected a little bit and then exclaimed: Oh, it’s so similar to Dalat.

Cam Mountain

Cam Mountain 2

Located at the middle of Cam Mountain (Tinh Bien district, An Giang province) at an altitude of about 500m, the landscapes of Thuy Liem Lake and the Great Buddha Temple, Van Linh Pagoda and Maitreya Buddha are not only places for people to pray for blessings, watch the scene but also to hide the heat of summer.

Cam Mountain 3

Cam Mountain 4

Cam Mountain 5

To enjoy all the cool air and beautiful nature in the Cam Mountain, take a cable car, 155,000 VND (7 USD) for a return ticket. The cable car in Cam Mountain compared to other cable cars across the country is nothing to show off. However, the feeling of flying upwards, watching the plains below with the small pretty palm jungle like green umbrellas will evoke a lot of strange emotions.

Cam Mountain 6

Comparing the Cam Mountain resort with Da Lat is a bit not suitable, but the natural scenery of this place makes people feel so romantic. The lake is green, the surface is flat. Sitting on the stone under the ancient roots listening to the wind blowing makes our heart so calm. There is also a small hill with all sorts of flowers blossomed to make the scenery more beautiful.

Cam Mountain 7

According to a fish seller here, on the cloudy days, the place is no different from Sapa. Clouds from the top of the mountain will swoop down to the surface of the lake, covering everything for 5-10 minutes and then melting. This scene usually appears early in the morning or when it rains.

Cam Mountain 8

After a walk, if hungry, the snacks of the Mekong Delta such as boiled sweet potatoes, cakes, will be served quickly and the price is quite reasonable. Especially, there is a specialty – wild vegetable pancake- that anyone who likes to eat vegetables must love.

Cam Mountain 9

Beautiful scenery, good food, but the planning in Cam Mountain tourist area has not been good. The rows of stalls and small sidewalk restaurant and motorcycles going in and out noisily affects badly the enjoyment of visitors. If they can rearrange the restaurants to give tourists more beautiful view, this place is really a Da Lat of the Mekong Delta.

Cam Mountain 10

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