Suggestion of 2 Best Travel Routes in Phu Quoc

Start from Duong Dong town’s centre to other tourism spots on islands, you will be surprised that Phu Quoc has many, many stuffs to discover from simple to challenging. With only a fully-fueled motorbike, the discovery journey with full of mysteries of pearl islands awaits you.

1. Southern Island Route: Ong Doi Cape

Easy to travel and most-chosen by many tourists while visiting Phu Quoc, Southern Island route will lead you through many famous landmarks like Tranh Stream, Star Beach,… Located 11 kilometers away from Duong Dong, Tranh Stream is where you can enjoy hot spring; immerse yourself in the clear, cool water; lying on the flat rocks and listen to the sound of the stream. You can have picnic, fishing and fish grilling, eating fish at the same spot.

travel routes in phu quoc

Southern Island Route also leads through specialty-production facilities of Phu Quoc like sim or fish sauce. In Sim Son, you can visit and learn about how to plant sim, how to change sim fruits to become Phu Quoc’s specialties such as wine, honey, or candy. If you are curious about fish sauce production method, you can visit Phung Hung fish sauce storage building. In opposite to the building is the Phu Quoc prison. Phu Quoc prison historical heritage includes fisticuffs statue – a symbol of cruel domination and the unyielding spirit of unyielding spirt of Phu Quoc prisoners. The grove for dead soldiers, and Phu Quoc prisoners ward are in the restoring process.

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Next destination is the Star Beach, the most beautiful white-sand beach in Phu Quoc. From the main road, visitors turn left to the 2-kilometer small path, awaiting there is the ‘mortal paradise’. Star Beach is favored by many travelers due to the blue clear sea, white sand, calm and gentle waves throughout the year. Walking along Star Beach under the palm trees is an experience cannot be missed.

Other landmarks such as Khem Beach, Ngu Well, and the Southern part of Ong Doi Cape currently is being privatized, due to the owned resorts and being on the process of renovation. You can get to these places while traveling via canoes to nearby islands. On the way back to Duong Dong town, it is recommended to visit Truc Lam Ho Quoc Temple if possible. From the temple, visitors can have an entire view of Phu Quoc.

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2. Northern Island Route: Ganh Dau Cape – Rach Vem fishing hamlet

Because Phu Quoc Island has the larger shape toward the North side, the discovery progress of Northern Island Route will also take more time. It take one day to finish the entire route. Despite of the short route, you will stop many times to uncover many fascinating locations. The first stop is Ong Lang Beach. The beach seems to be separated from the current life, it looks extraordinary wild, natural, and peaceful. Getting to Ong Lang Beach, you will be able to enjoy yourself in the blue sea with white sand under the sunlight, enjoy the cool breeze from the borderless sea.

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Moving on to Route TL45, you will arrive at Vinpearl Land tourism site, Vinpearl Safari and Ganh Dau Cape. From Ganh Dau Cape, you will see Cambodia forest which is pretty close. Ganh Dau Cape has a wonderous form which is considered to be looked like the mouth of a giant fish.

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There are not many local people in Ganh Dau Cape. Fishermen often stop by the place after fishing trips from far sea, making Ganh Dau Cape becomes more bustling. Next to Ganh Dau Cape is Chuuong Vic, a small primal fishing hamlet.

Resides in the Northern part of the island is Rach Vem, a pretty small fishing hamlet with 170 residences. The locals are mostly fishermen. The distance between Ganh Dau Cape and Rach Vem village is about 15 kilometers based on the path Suoi Cai – Ganh Dau. The view of the village looks like a harmonic picture of nature. With the color of the sea, color of the sky, and with the cool breeze, it will makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.

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The floating-house owner will take you from the land via fishing boat. After 5 minutes, you will stand on the floating-house in the midst of the sea. From the bridge, you can look at the starfishes through the clear water. When the well-known beaches of Phu Quoc makes you feel bored of nothing new, then Rach Vem will be the ideal spot for friends to meet each other, have fun in a peaceful atmosphere.