Travel to Bangkok for Food – and So Much More

Traveling is, without a doubt, the best hobby and activity that a person may adopt. And if you have a thing for food, and you like going to places with an exceptional reputation of cuisines, add Bangkok to your travel bucket list. Bangkok is a heaven for foodies and from traveling perspective too, it is an exciting city. To browse about their highly rated and famed restaurants and food items, subscribe to one of the Charter Spectrum Internet Price and make a handy list of all the tempting and scrumptious dishes that you want to try once you land there. Even if you are walking through the streets of Bangkok, you will be highly tempted by the smell of something delicious every now and then. Yes! That’s why we call it a paradise for food lovers. From fresh salads to spicy coconut milk curries, or the tempting smoke emitted from street restaurants, you are all about food once you are there.

Generally, Bangkok is essentially known for its crowded, chaotic streets, low prices, crazy nightlife, and frenzied traffic. Although the population, noise, and massive crowds are a little off-putting. But it’s just one side of it, the city is essentially like an onion, revealing its secrets slowly to those who spend more time here. You will discover that this not-so-beautiful city actually has some amazing beauty. Let’s guide you a little about food in Bangkok.

Average Food Cost in Bangkok

Bangkok is not expensive and that’s a treat for foodies as they will get to try all different types of food without spending a lot. You get to eat from the incredible street vendors, famous for the taste of food for as low as 30 THB for each meal and this includes all the local delicacies such as soup, fried rice, pad thai, som tam, and so on. You can get the refreshing Thai ice tea for as low as 20 THB. While for proper dining out experience in restaurants, the charges are as low as 50 THB and if you go for the Western food the price goes up to 100 THB, and as much as you want! For particular restaurant suggestions, and details of pricing, check out an in-depth guide online and enlighten yourself about the best eateries before you even land there.

As far as drinking is concerned, bars are slightly expensive. The cheapest beers cost around 60 THB while the cocktails can be as expensive as double or triple the price of beer.

Restaurants & Street Food in Bangkok

Are you a fan of street food? Well, jot down Bangkok in your travel bucket list. As soon as you start exploring this city, you will witness an abundance of scrumptious things to eat everywhere that you look. Apart from the amazing street food experience, Bangkok is home to a massive number of restaurants, serving both Thai, as well as a wide range of international cuisine. There are so many food possibilities, with having local Thai food for lunches and having a nice Italian food for dinner.

You can dine out in fine restaurants across the world but the beauty of Bangkok is Thai street food. Indulge in an ultimate joy and have a true experience of being in Bangkok. Grab any local snack while trotting down the streets, or enjoy meals while sitting on street sides, and you can do this 24/7. Rice and fried fish, or bowls of hot piping noodles, and papaya salad are some of the common examples that you will come across while in Bangkok.

Favorite Attractions

Apart from the delicious food scene in Bangkok, there are a good number of amazing attractions that you shouldn’t miss.

  • Visit Grand Palace, Wat Prakeaw, and Wat Arun (Also known as The Temple of Dawn) to witness some amazingly beautiful architecture and neat intricate art.
  • Visit the floating market for an authentic experience amongst a gigantic number of tourists. Fresh veggies, fruits, and flowers laden on wooden boats offer a beautiful sight.
  • Visit Wat Pho to see the gigantic yet beautiful reclining statue of Buddha and experience the awesome Thai massage. The place is full of stunning murals, sculptures, and inscriptions.
  • Try visiting Chatuchak Weekend Market and witness a huge variety of merchandise. Indulge in a shopping experience in this market that has almost become a landmark.

Other attractions include Soi Cowboy, Khao San Road, Chao Phraya River & Waterways, Chinatown (Yaowarat), Jim Thompson’s House, and so on.

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