Top traditional and typical foods in Brunei

Coming to Brunei, visitors not only see the magnificent mosque but also walk on the beautiful beaches, or bathe in the sunshine but also enjoy the unique cuisine here. If you have the opportunity to visit this beautiful Muslim country, do not forget to enjoy the delicious foods in Brunei below.

#1. Ambuyat

Ambuyat - Top traditional and typical foods in Brunei

Ambuybat is a popular dish in Brunei that is made from a special kind of plant called Sago palm. Sago palm is a substitute for rice in tropical countries such as Brunei, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Sago will grow and store its starch within 15 years until it has flowers. People bring palm body to take the intestines inside and then, they boiled with water for a few hours so that it is thick and viscous. Brunei people often use Ambuyat with a variety of soups because Ambuybat is mainly water, so it is not salt. However, the most delicious Ambuybat is used with peanut butter sauce that is both aroma and fat.

#2. Stir-fried Lamb

Stir-fried Lamb

Lamb is a popular food in Brunei because the majority of the population is Muslim. Lamb can be used to cook a wide variety of dishes but the most popular and easy to eat is stir-fried lamb. Lamb is cleaned, drained and sliced ​​into pieces and then seasoned with marinated spices characteristic for about 5 -7 minutes. After that, people stir- fry together with the vegetables until it is edible. Stir-fried lamb is usually served with noodles or hot rice. This is also a delicious food in Brunei that you should enjoy in your travel itinerary.

#3. Ketupat


Ketupat is a folk dish in Brunei, regardless of the rich or the poor. Ketupat is a kind of cake made from rice wrapped in palm leaves and knit together. There are two main types of Ketupat cakes including Ketupat Nasi and Ketupat Pulut. Ketupat Nasi is used from the rice wrapped in coconut leaves to form square cakes, while the Ketupat Pulut is used in rice wrapped in palm leaves to form the triangular cake. Kentupat is often used with a variety of dishes such as beef curry or barbecue. They are very tasty and extremely palatable.

#4. Grilled Wheat Flour Cake

Grilled Wheat Flour Cake

Not different from its name, this is a cake made of flour, baked and then cut into thin slices to eat with different types of sauces, meat and vegetables for different flavors depending on each person. Therefore, although it is simply a wheat flour cake, the flavor of the cake is extremely rich and diverse. It conquered a lot of customers by the specific flavor of wheat flour in the smell of fatty milk, a little bit of the smell of nuts and unforgettable taste of many kinds of sauces. This is also one of the most delicious Brunei cuisines that you should try once in your life.

#5. Fried noodles with mutton

Fried noodles with mutton

Fried noodles are the creation of the people of the Muslim country from noodles and lambs. This is also the main dish and popular in the feast of Brunei people. To make this dish, the first is that people dip noodles through boiling water for soft noodles, and lamb is seasoned with different spices and then stir-fried together. Finally, people add some vegetables to make the dishes become attractive and more delicious.

#6. Brunei Grilled Chicken

Brunei Grilled Chicken

Brunei grilled chicken is an impressive and extremely delicious dish that is often used by King to entertain guests or royal banquets. The chicken will be cleaned, and then marinated with spices depending on the way of each processor that has different chickens recipe. However, the grilled chicken here must have a delicious taste. Chicken is grilled on a charcoal stove or in a microwave oven at high temperature until the chicken turns yellow. This dish is often used for eating with raw vegetables and should be dipped in a typical fish sauce of Brunei.

#7. Grilled Fish Brunei

Grilled Fish Brunei

Grilled Fish is a delicious food that should not be missed in Brunei, which attracts the most people because of its nutritious and strange. Grilled fish is often used in large fish, steak, and thick meat. Moreover, Fish is usually cleaned, eliminate the intestines to dry, then marinated with fish sauce, salt, seasoning and some typical spices. Then, it is grilled on the charcoal stove.  Finally, people grill it until it turns to the yellow. Grilled fish must be hot and dip in sour spicy sauce to have the great taste.

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