Top special street foods in Yangon, Myanmar that makes visitors be fascinated

The capital of Myanmar – Yangon not only attracts tourists around the world with beautiful tourist attractions but also conquer them by attractive street food. It is no need to have luxury, sophisticated, or complex restaurants because Yangon street foods still make visitors be impressed by their unique flavor. Let’s me roam Yangon street and enjoy the famous street food. I am sure you will surely be overwhelmed by the variety of street food here.

E Kya Kway Finger-shaped Cake

This dish is quite similar to finger-shaped cake in Vietnam. It is made from rice flour and fried in oil. However, this cake here is longer and thoroughly fried. When you try the first piece, you will feel the crispness of finger-shaped cake. Burmese people often eat this cake with coffee, milk or porridge in the morning. This is the food you should enjoy while traveling Yangon, Myanmar.

Mohinga Fish vermicelli

Mohinga Fish Vermicelli

Mohinga fish vermicelli is not only the famous street food of Yangon but also extremely popular throughout Myanmar. In Yangon, you will easily enjoy this dish in the Yangon streets. Especially, The soup is made from fish and spices, and vegetation. The spicy taste of this food makes you fall in love when trying it the first time.

Shan rice

This is a unique dish of the Shan people in Myanmar. The rice is cooked together with turmeric to add flavor to the rice and it makes this food more eye-catching. Rice will be put on a plate, add a few slices of freshwater fish and a mixture of leek roots and clove leaves with fried pork’s skin. This dish will also make you feel excited when enjoying it.

Koh Pieh sticky rice cake and Koh Puo cake

Those are two types of cake that you should definitely try in the list of famous street food in Yangon, Myanmar. These two types of cake are made mainly from white glutinous rice or black glutinous rice. Koh Pieh cake will be served with coconut rice, salt, and pepper, while with Koh Pu will be served with Palmyra sugar syrup. You can enjoy right at the small restaurant on the street or buy as gifts for family and relatives.

Roti Bread

This is one of the dishes that show the influence of Indian cuisine in Myanmar. This is a type of bread made from ingredients such as wheat flour, butter, sugar, eggs, and milk. After mixing these ingredients with each other, people will roll and fried the bread. This dish is usually served with curry or other traditional noodles.

Tea leaf salad

Myanmar cuisine is famous for its unique dishes, such as tea leaves salad. The leaves are fermented with other vegetables such as cabbage, tomatoes, bean sprouts, add a little chili and spices to create unique dishes. Tea leaves are often served as appetizers at the banquets or served with white rice at Burmese meals.

Shan Noodle

This is a special dish originated from the Shan ethnic group. It is quite similar to the noodles in Vietnam but has its own taste. Noodles are made from rice flour, add chicken or pork and sprinkle a little sesame to increase the flavor of the dish. The broth of Shan noodles is made from chicken, adding some Myanmar-style spices such as ginger and chili to add more spicy taste.

Samosa sweet and sour grated salad

Samosa is a fried triangular cake with a crust of flour and a kernel of potatoes, turmeric, and bean and It is often eaten with spicy sauce. This cake is one of the popular street foods that should not be missed while traveling in Yangon, Myanmar. However, with the chefs’ creativity, they chopped samosa and mixed with green beans, cabbage, shallots, tomatoes, mint leaves, and lime juice into unique and attractive Samosa salad.

Mont Lone Yay Paw

Mont Lone Yay Paw is a unique and popular traditional dessert on the streets of Yangon, Myanmar. Normally, Mont Lone Yay Paw will be eaten at the Thingyan festival. However, you can find it in every corner of Yangon today. This food is made from sticky rice flour with Palmyra sugar. It might be quite similar to Japanese mochi but the difference is that this cake is sprinkled a bit of coconut rice on the top.


Kauknyintok is a kind of banana cake that you should try in Yangon, Myanmar. Its crust is made from glutinous rice and its kernel is made from a banana, sugar and coconut milk. You can find Kauknyintok Banana Cakes at any small restaurant in Yangon Street. You should try this food as a wonderful experience when visiting the capital of Myanmar.