Top “good price” hotels that you should choose when traveling to Chiang Mai, Thailand

Ancient, peaceful, casual, and fresh are adjectives that you can describe Chiang Mai, Thailand. Besides traveling or enjoy food in Chiang Mai. You can book the hotel with modern and quality amenities with beautiful view, good price, near the center and popular tourist attractions. Below, I will give you some famous Hotel that you should consider to choose when spend your holiday to come here.

1. Galare Guest House

Located in the central area of Chiang Mai, this is the ideal place for you to explore Chiang Mai and go to the tourist attractions of Chiang Mai. The hotel provides modern services and facilities for the demands of visitors. In addition, the hotel also offers other services such as massage, gym, restaurant, and so on. It makes visitors feel the most comfortable. Besides, The price of the room is from $ 14 to $ 17 per night and this is a great option for travelers who are looking for a reasonable price hotel for their trip.

2. TJR Boutique House

This good hotel in Chiang Mai is designed for both businessmen and travelers. Located in the Old Quarter, you can easily reach Chiang Mai’s business center, shopping mall, and entertainment districts from here. Moreover, you will be served thoughtfully, enthusiastically with professional staffs and modern facilities. TJR Boutique House also has a lot of suggestions for a lot of fun activities, entertainment to make your traveling more attractive. The price rates range from $ 28 to $ 41 per night. I think this is a hotel for you to consider.

3. Sakorn Residence & Hotel

Sakorn Residence is also the ideal hotel for your trip. This will be the place to rest comfortably for you in the great days in Chiang Mai. All of the rooms are equipped with modern facilities together with the enthusiastic care of staffs. I think you will certainly feel as if you are at home. There are plenty of other outdoor activities such as an outdoor swimming pool, children’s pool, fitness room, cafe, etc. Staying at this popular Chiang Mai hotel will give you a good time when traveling Chiang Mai. The lowest price of the hotel is $ 27 per night.

4. Pyur Otel Hotel

Pyur Otel has many good conditions such as close location to the center, modern facilities, good attitude of the staff and so on. Therefore, the hotel has received a plenty of love from tourists. Coming to Pyur Otel, you will have the perfect holiday. The hotel also has a cafe and restaurant to serve visitors thoughtfully. Pyur Otel hotel is also suitable for those who travel to Chiang Mai one days or more with a room only $ 9 per night. I hope you will have a great holiday with Pyur Otel.

5. Le Canal Boutique House

Le Canal Boutique is a hotel in Chiang Mai for those who like to economize their finance. It is only 3 kilometers from the city center so it is convenient for you to move. Besides, it also will be a good place to enjoy Chiang Mai and the beautiful sceneries here. When coming to Le Canal Boutique House, you will be served by the perfect services. With a system of restaurants, cafes, outdoor bars will help you relax after long days traveling, or working. If you are visiting Chiang Mai, this is a great place to stay. The price is about $ 27 to $ 36 per night.

6. BP Chiang Mai City Hotel

Because it is located in the old town of Chiang Mai, the hotel also has traditional Thai architecture, quiet and simple. However, its interior is very luxurious, clean and beautiful. Besides, it is fully equipped with 3-star standard, including outdoor swimming pool, restaurant, modern gym, spa, room massage, etc. From the hotel, you can walk or drive to Chedi Luang Temple, Wat Phra Singh Temple, and Wat Chedi Luang together with shopping mall, entertainment place, night market and other famous Chiang Mai attractions. Room rates from $ 15 1 room per night.

7. Lotus Pang Suan Kaew Hotel

The hotel is built in the modern style, but is designed in traditional Thai style. With beautiful views and near the center, Lotus is the most popular choice when traveling to Chiang Mai, Thailand. In addition, you can experience shopping street at Nimman Hemin Road, night market, walking street, temple, Vista cinema, and so on. In addition, it also has the standard facilities of a 4-star luxury hotel that is modern and quality. Lotus Pang Suan Kaew Hotel also offers visitors traditional dances performances and music at the large bar and theater. The price is about 50$ per room.