Top food that you should not miss when setting food on Manila, Philippine

Manila is a major city and the capital of the beautiful Philippine island. It is famous for the most friendly capital in Asia. Manila attracts tourists not only beautiful islands, hospitable people but also many delicious foods. If you have a chance to go Manila, do not hesitate to try the famous noshes in Manila, Philipines that I recommend below.

1. Puto Bumbong

Puto Bumbong is one of the most special food which you must try when travel to Philippine

Puto Bumbong is a traditional Christmas food in the Philippines. The cake is made from a special type of glutinous rice that has the typical violet color. This purple color made Putro Bumbong eye-catching and attractive to visitors. Because the cake is cooked in the bamboo tube, Puto Bumbong cake will have the shape of a bamboo tube. The people of Manila eat this dish along with brown sugar, butter, and coconut rice.

2, Lumpiang Ubod

Lumpiang Ubod is an easy and delicious dish to try in Philippine

The unique characteristic of Lumpiang Ubod is the use of raw ingredient from the thin thread fiber coconut rice. In addition, the kernel of Lumpiang Ubod is also added shrimp, pork, and lettuce. The outside part is made from cornstarch mixed with chicken eggs. When eating this food, people sprinkle a little sauce and a few peanuts on Lumpiang Ubod. It is very attractive to visitors.

3, Buko Pie

Buko Pie is also the traditional dessert of the Philippines and it is easy to find in Manila, Philipines. This is also a typical dish using ingredients from coconuts. This cake is attractive to visitors by the thin crust and a thick kernel with thin layers of coconut rice. It looks not only beautiful but also very delicious. When traveling to Manila, do not miss this dessert.

4, Pan De Sal

Pan De Sal is a round bread originating from Portugal. But nowadays, it is considered the traditional bread of the Philippines. Filipinos eat Pan de sal with jams, peanut butter, condensed milk or chocolate syrup. You can enjoy this dish for your breakfast and I think you will feel a little taste of your homeland.

5, Halo Halo

The word “Halo Halo” means mixing in English. Halo Halo is a popular nosh in the Philippines in general and in Manila in particular. To make Halo Halo, people often use tropical fruits such as jackfruit, papaya, banana, green beans, red beans, sweet potatoes and so on. Then, people add a little milk and cream. Halo is a colorful dish so I am sure that you would like to try when seeing it at the first time.

6, Pinakbet

This is the popular dish in the north and the south of Philipines. These are fried dishes with soy sauce, Aubergine, bagoong (shrimp or fish flour). This is a dish that Filipinos love most because the recipe is simple, inexpensive and healthy. It usually appears in many Filipino families and street vendors.

7, Tsitsaron

Dishes are served with green papaya soaked with vinegar. These dishes always have the aroma that attracts many people. This food only appears on the streets of the Philippines. But nowadays, it is wrapped as gifts and sold in commercial centers because of the development of processing industry.

8, Taho

It is the tofu that we usually eat as a nosh. Tofu in Manila and the northern Philippines are very popular. In the south, it is not popular because it is only sold in the markets of Philipines. The characteristic of Taho tofu is fresh custard-apple mixed with caramel. It makes this food different from other countries.

9, Banana Cue

This is one of the most popular street foods in the Philippines. To make this dish, the seller would put the bananas together on a long stick. Afer that, people dip it in a layer of brown sugar and fry with oil. When you eat, you will feel the sweet and crunchy of banana outside, and the soft and sweet banana inside.

10, Isaw Grilled Chicken

This is the food you can find everywhere in the Philippines. People put neck, wings, legs and chicken heads after cleaning on a wood stick and grill on the charcoal stove until it is crispy. It would be perfect if you enjoyed Isaw while it is hot with chili sauce and sour vinegar.

11, Arroz Caldo and Goto porridge

Arroz Caldo is a porridge cooked with ginger, chicken, eggs, and other spices. Meanwhile, Goto is cooked with beef heart. These two dishes are sold on trolleys in small alleyways in the Manila, Philippines. In cold weather, you can enjoy this dish with family or friends to feel warm air.

12, Sago’t Gulaman

Sago’t Gulaman is a kind of milk tea and a colorful drink. It is a combination of colorful jellies along with crunchy pearls. Finally, the pineapple caramel mixed ice cold ice make this dish more attractive. In the hot weather, enjoying this drink with friends is so wonderful.

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