Top five hidden beauties of Maharajas’ Express luxury train

Luxury train is not just for luxury train nostalgia. It is about experiencing a royal vacation spiked with beauty and luxury in every element of journey. Since 2010, this train has been an integral part of travel bucket lists of travelers from around the world. Amidst these personal carriages of yesteryear kings, this train has many beauties to be discovered and enjoyed.

Maharajas Express is the newest luxury train of the country and one of the most luxurious trains of the world. Are you ready to learn about the top beauties to enjoy in this train? Here are the top five to look forward during your vacation.

Top five hidden beauties of Maharajas’ Express luxury train

A cocktail for everyone

You would be aware of the bar in the train. The place where booze never ends. You can find numerous styles of liquors, spirits, beers and other alcohols from several parts of the world. The bartenders are trained to craft many cocktails, as you desire. If you want to try something new, there is a list of signature cocktails available only here. The unknown fact about the bar is that, it is not just for alcohol drinkers. You can enjoy fruit mock tails, coffee drinks and others. Starters and snacks are also served in this bar.

There are two bars in the train the Safari Bar and Rajah Club. Each bar has a different theme. The bar is the right place to jump into conversations and make friends or dig deep into a book and relax in an armchair. An assortment of board games and books are available in the lounge car. The lounge car is the place where special celebrations like birthday parties and others are conducted for the travelers.

Top five hidden beauties of Maharajas’ Express luxury train


Of all people who have travelled in Indian trains, none would believe that the railway bathroom would be a hidden beauty, unless you have experienced the Maharajas’ Express. The en-suite bathroom is just for you and the towels and linens are changed every day. If you choose the presidential suite, you would have the bathtub. Alternatively, you would have the shower cubicle. Hot water runs 24/7. In addition, you will be provided with bathrobe, slipper, range of toiletries, hair dryer and others.

The traditional Mewar cuisine

The kitchen of Maharajas’ Express can provide a varying cuisine for you to taste throughout your vacation. The best of all is the traditional Mewar Cuisine. The taste to the dishes are granted by the unique cooking style and fresh ingredients like corn, fresh water fishes, millets and others. The dishes are usually served in clay pots to retain the aroma as longer as possible. The most beautiful part of the dining experience is that everything is freshly prepared. Even the sauces are prepared fresh. There are two restaurants in this luxury on wheels train The Maharajas Express first one is RANG MAHAL and Second one is Mayur Mahal where you can taste all type of Delicious foods to makes you healthy and energetic in all over the journey. The chef of the train has around 20 years of experience in serving luxury cruise lines. With varying styles of guests and unlimited requests, the kitchen is always working like a clockwork. The exotic menu of the train would attraction you instantaneously. The garnishing work is the signature of the train. Even in a moving train, they keep additional effort to make your food look delicious. The secret to the tasty menu is that the fresh ingredients are delivered every day at the station. Each ingredient is personally procured from the local markets of each region.

Exquisite services and royal entertainment

Maharajas’ Express has the knack to surprise you with simple, but useful gifts. During your excursions into the cities, you will be presented with complimentary gifts like bottle coolers, shoe uppers, candies and others. Once you have boarded the train, you would be given a welcome drink to relax and get to the luxury vibe of your vacation. There are all luxury facilities are available on the board of maharaja express and many professional waiters & staffs are there to serve the luxury facility on the board of maharajas Express. So you not need to worry and ask about the services you will be served on time as well as decided by the itinerary ,Although not technically a gift, every time you de-board the train, you will be entertained by live music and dance performances, just like how a king would be welcomed after a victorious war.

Top five hidden beauties of Maharajas’ Express luxury train


For a running train, the internet facilities is quite good and fast. While the train is stationed at any major city, the strength is very good. So you can keep in touch with your business work or dearest one from online video conferencing through internet so it is very important while travelling amidst the rural regions, the strength is comparatively good. The train also provides international adapters, making it easier for you to use your electronic items. Your cabins are well-lit to allow you to work or use your equipment with ease. So without headache you can enjoy your trip with maharajas express train facilities.

Royal Cabins 

There are four Types of Cabins in Maharajas Express Deluxe Cabin, Junior Suite Cabin, suite cabin and presidential suite cabins all cabins are different in sizes and beds to gives you a comfortable sleep after every journey where you can relax yourself sound proof cabins with beautiful beds & sofa’s in all cabins so enjoy the journey of maharajas express.

There is no enough set of words to explain the beauty and luxury of Maharajas’ Express. The best way to learn is to experience it. Book your tickets and enjoy an unparalleled vacation with the world’s most luxurious train.