Top 5 things must do in Cambodia

Cambodia is belonged to Indochina and this country has one of the most special and famous site in the world is Angkor Wat where was accepted by UNESCO as one of the cultural heritages sites in the world, but besides travel Angkor Wat in Cambodia you are also visited a lot of another historical and natural sites where are located along this country as in Phnom Penh the capital of Cambodia and Siem Reap a small town of Cambodia but it is encompassed full enough tourist services from the most luxury hotels to the most famous restaurants…., and here under is the most special things which you must do and should not miss once travel Cambodia.

 #1. Visit Royal Palace in Phnom Penh the capital of Cambodia

Throne Hall, Royal Palace, in the capital city of Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Royal Palace of Cambodia is the place where king live and work, this area is included a lot of the beautiful structures with its special architectures, specially there are many buildings where display exhibits which are made by the real golden and silver, they are very valuable. This place is also the soul of Cambodia where all of Cambodian respect and they are conserved very strictly. You must see this place if visit Cambodia.

#2. Explore Tuol Sleng S21 Museum of Red Khmer in Phnom Penh

Tuol Sleng in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. over 20,000 people were tortured and killed in this old school building between 1975 and 1979

This is the place where keep a lot of the exhibits about crimes of Red Khmer, this place has been ever the high school but Red Khmer used it as the place to imprison around 17000 persons, among then there are just 14 persons to live. At the moment, this museum are still displayed a lot of the death’s head and bones. Arrival here, you can image the terrible scenes where how savage Red Khmer racked and killed a lot of persons.

But if you travel with your small children, then this place is not an ideal sight for you to explore with them because it is said that there are still many souls whose were skilled and died casuist at here. But if are a tourist whose really want to find about the awful crimes of Red Khmer, then this is the best place in Cambodia for you to explore and understand about that.

#3. Contemplate the Angkor Temples Complex, especially Angkor Wat in Siem Reap Cambodia

Hindu temple in Cambodia, dedicated to Shiva. Incredibly intricate carvings on the red sandstone walls.

Angkor Wat is the most famous site in Siem Reap Cambodia, but if you just visit this special site, then it is still missed another well-known sites in this area as Ta Phrohn where there are a lot of the big trees with the hundreds of years old as well as the ancient structures at here, Angkor Thom where is encompassed a lot of the personal faces which were made by stones very big as well as the elephants’ statues which were also made by stone like the real sizes.

If you have a short time to visit Cambodia, then you can combine these special three sites in a day to explore, but if you really want to find about the history and the architectures of the structures at here, then take one or two days to discover the best.

#4. Tonle Sap Lake where is still called “ the great lake” the largest fresh lake in Asia

“the great lake” the largest fresh lake in Asia – Tonle Sap

Take a half day boat trip to explore this largest fresh lake in Asia is very worthwhile for any tourist whom want to find about the floating life of the locals in this lake. Arrival to Tonle Sap Lake you will have a chance to find about the simple and poor life of the locals at here, especially the children, they are very pitiful. Although there are the schools, hospitals, shops…in this lake but it is still lack of a lot of things to help the locals full in this water region.

Especially, if you intend to volunteer on your trip to Cambodia, then this is an ideal place for you to do that, you can bring anything to give for the poor children and families at here, or in this lake there are also some shops where sell a lot of the rice bags and you are possible to buy some rice bags to do your volunteer, or more simple you can bring some pens to give for the children or schools at here…..any your volunteer is brought to here is also very preciously.

#5. Enjoy the Apsara Dance Show (Khmer Traditional Dance Performance) and try the local food of Cambodia.

Enjoy the Apsara Dance Show

If you visit Cambodia, you must enjoy the Apsara Dance Show (Khmer Traditional Dance Performance) and try the local food of Cambodia, otherwise your trip is just a half. Normally, almost of the local restaurants in Siem Reap offer Khmer Traditional Dance Performance while the tourist enjoy their meals (dinners), and there are some very local restaurants where are located in the real center of Siem Reap town offer this activity very famous, it is easy for you to see these restaurants while you are walking around Siem Reap town in the evening, you can buy the tickets to enjoy with both of this buffet dinner and Khmer traditional dance performance. It is very special, fun and worth for you to pay for this.

Although Siem Reap is a small town, it is also encompassed the walking streets where are very crowded and noisy, these streets also offer a lot of the local food and dishes of Cambodia, it is very cheap and delicious, you should try it on your trip to Cambodia. If you do not like the local food, then you should walk around to find and buy the traditional souvenirs which are made by hand by the locals at here, they are very different from other places

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