Top 5 Must-Try Backpacking Routes in Ninh Thuan

Talking to Ninh Thuan, people often think of the most beautiful coastal roads in Vietnam, but few know that Ninh Thuan is still challenging you by the dangerous and majestic.

1. DT702: Phan Rang – Cam Ranh

DT702 is one of the most beautiful coastal road in Vietnam with the special terrain: one side is immense blue sea and one side is majestic Chua mountain. The 80 km long road from Phan Rang city to Cam Ranh will take you through Ninh Chu beach, honeycomb-shaped rock in Hon Do, vast salt fields, Thai An vineyard, Hang Rai, dreaming Vinh Hy Bay, the four islands of Hung – Ba – Lap – Tien and a series of most pristine beaches such as Chuoi beach, Nuoc Ngot beach, Hom beach, Thung beach …

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The best way to experience this road is to drive a motorbike to feel the beauty of the sea. The best time to explore is from March to September, when it is clear and sunny, making the color of the sea blue, and ideal condition to take beautiful photos. However, remember to wear long sleeved clothing to protect your body and drive your bike carefully because the road is constantly winding.

2. DT701: Phan Rang – Ca Na

No less beautiful than DT702, the coastal road DT701 connecting Phan Rang city to Ca Na, which is about 50km long, is also popular. The road was built to connect two nuclear plants in the future of Ninh Thuan province, so tourism is not developed here. That’s why it retains the true wildness. The road DT701 was completed and put into use only 2 years ago, so it is very new, quiet, smooth and beautiful.

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The most prominent feature of this coastal road is Dinh cape and the lighthouse of Dinh cape, famous for its clear blue sea like glass. You can also visit and explore Ca Na lagoon, Son Hai fishing village, Nam Cuong sand hill, sheep fields… or learn the cultural life of the Cham in Phuoc Hai, Bau Truc pottery village, My Nghiep brocade weaving village…

3. Highway27: Phan Rang – Ngoan Muc pass

This is the important road connecting Da Lat and Phan Rang. If in Lam Dong you will have to pass D’Ran Pass on Highway 20, Ninh Thuan welcomes you with Ngoan Muc mountain pass on National Highway 27. As one of the majestic and most beautiful pass in Vietnam, Ngoan Muc Pass is 18.5km long, altitude nearly 1000m above sea level. This is the pass with largest slope in the southern provinces. True to its name, Ngoan Muc (amazing) mountain pass is winding with many bends around dangerous high mountain range.

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Passing Ngoan Muc Pass, continue on Highway 27 near the gas station 24, turn right to Hoa Son commune – parallel to the highway. This is a new road and it still has no name, you can see the map at the bottom of the article for more information. If Highway 27 from Ngoan Muc Pass to Phan Rang is on the right bank of Phan Rang River, this road is on the left bank of the river, giving you new scenery and experiences. Total length of the road is nearly 125 km with mostly pass, sun and sand. You should carefully prepare before going.

4. Highway 27B: Song Sat Lake – Song Trau Lake

The section Highway 27B starts from the Ninh Son district gate, through the Song Sat River dam and then turns right at Phuoc Thanh crossroad to Ka Rom or you can go straight to Cam Ranh, Khanh Hoa. On this road, you will go through many Raglai villages, where the musician Tran Tien was inspired to write the famous song Chapi Dream. Take some time to learn about the local people’s culture and lifestyle, enjoy local cuisine or stay in the house on stilts, you will surely have many surprises and memorable experiences.

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Although it is only more than 50km long, there are many bends, steep pass and extremely desolate, you can not be a little ignorant or careless. However, the conquest of this road will bring exciting feelings and the majestic natural scenery. The best time to enjoy the road is after the rainy season because the weather is more pleasant, green trees make you feel cool, you will not be annoyed by the harsh sunshine of Ninh Thuan.

5. DT656: Bac Ai – Hon Ba – Khanh Son Pass

Compared to 4 roads above, the DT656 is really hard but the best. If traveling from Phan Rang, the total length is 131km, the section of DT656 is 95km. This road will take you along the To Hop River, Chaper Waterfall, through Khanh Hoa border to the Hon Ba Nature Reserve and then Khanh Son Pass, another 16km to Cam Ranh. In which, the peak of Hon Ba is nearly 1,600m above sea level so the climate is always cool. The winding road to the mountain will make you feel like on the road to conquer the country of fog.

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Hon Ba has fresh air, beautiful magnificent wildlife and landscape. Hon Ba Nature Reserve has a rich variety of flora and fauna, including many rare species listed in the Red Book. Conquering the DT656 road, you can also visit Ta Gu waterfall in Son Hiep commune. Ta GuWaterfall is also called Ivory Waterfall because it is shaped like a giant elephant ivory, up to 40m high.

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On the way, you easily catch the rice paddy fields, the rice fields with black seeds like coal that people here called “black sticky rice”, corn fields, the ” green forest and red banana flower”. The two sides of the road are the small house of the ethnic Raglai ethnicity with a simple, rustic way of life.

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