Top 4 Attractions and Things to Do in Manila

Being the capital of the Philippines, Manila is prominently characterized by the modern and ancient, dynamic and tranquil values.

Manila is ancient but it’s still dynamic and modern for the reasons that it does not only offers the leading bustling shopping malls in Asia, but also the historical places of the Philippines’s revolution. Therefore, Philippines promises to afford tourists unforgettable experiences during your whole journey to this amazing island nation.

Manila Bay

Situated right in the heart of the city of Manila, the heart and soul of the Philippines economy, Manila Bay is one of the hottest spots on the tourism map of the Philipines, in which both locals and tourists stroll along the beach in the late afternoon.


Stretching over 190 kilometers, Manila Bay is one of the most attractive natural harbors in the world. Watching the blue ocean turning into gold orange at sunset and sauntering on the road along the bay will definitely make tourists forget concerns and worries of life. How amazing!


Manila offers many bars, nightclubs for relaxation. Tourists can drop by Greenbelt clubs or The Fort club to drink whiskey, dance and engage in the fancy party. If you are interested in unique architecture, you should definitely make a visit to Hobbit House club which is in the shape of with the Hobbit’s home in the famous film named « Lord of the Rings ». More interestingly, all waiters of the club are dwarves. Sounds amazing!


It’s said that if you want to race with a “professional driver” on the crowded roads of a bustling city, you should get on a jeep, the “specialty” of Manila.


The first jeeps were renovated from old ones of the US military post World War 2. The jeep’s head was kept intact, the body was extended with two benches on both side. Each bench can carry up to 9 – 10 passengers.

Especially, the jeeps, whether they are new or old, are all decorated with various drawings and colors of distinguishing individual styles of the drivers. There is a blue jeep that features two headlights with blinking eyes, a yellow jeep characterized by eagle’s wings. Even, the simplest is shimmering with colorful decoration.


As you can see, the churches in Philippines are scattered throughout the country, of which the most famous one is St. Augustin’s Church in the ancient Intramuros wall city and St. Joseph’s Church in the suburb of the capital of Manila. Having been built from 1587 to 1606, the church of St. Augustine is the oldest church in the Philippines, and, one of four churches recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Site. This ancient cathedral is characterized by European Gothic architecture with a chapel, wooden houses, 26 unique oil paintings, and religious artworks.

The church of St. Joseph’s has long been famous for a « treasure » which makes visitors overwhelmed right they see it. It is a piano made from the only bamboo tube, the first of its kind in the world. The point is that the sound of this amazing instrument is still melodious and enchanted. Amazing !

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