Top 10 Things to Buy In Myanmar

Myanmar is one of the most dazzling places located in Southeast Asia majorly known for its peerless culture and tourism. Large numbers of people come to Myanmar during vacations and spend the marvelous moments among the blissful nature. The excellent sculpture, architecture and the artistic selling items are the reason why people prefer to visit Myanmar.

As we all know, Shwedagaon Pgoda, Inle Lake, Shwenandaw Monastery, Ananda Temple and so on are the most visiting attractions of Myanmar but let’s talk about the top 10 things to buy in Myanmar:

#1.Sand Paintings


Sand Paintings are a great artistic masterpiece of Myanmar which reflects the yester era and the traditional life of Buddha and the people living in Myanmar. At any tourists attractions, you can find the vendors selling sand paintings. Such paintings can add more charm in your house decorum and also keep the memory of your Myanmar visit.

#2.Gemstone Paintings


Myanmar is well-known for the existence of Gems and you cannot stop yourself from buying this antique art in the form of gemstone painting. The beauty of gemstone painting is the result of artwork behind the scene.



Tapestries are the unique art of Myanmar used as a soft furnishing and wall hanging. The extraordinary art of various designs and pictures on decorated cloth will be a great option for your home decor; also the nicely manufactured bags and accessories can be given as a gift to your loved ones.



You cannot stop yourself from taking a look at least for once while passing by the shop of Lacquerware. The extensive quantity of well-made trays, bowls, vases and boxes in multiple designs will enhance the prestige of your house and you will get confused either to use them as food serving purpose or decoration.

#5.Arts and Crafts


As we discussed above, Myanmar is a place of great architecture and this you can find in its arts and crafts items. The beautifully made palm leaves and wall murals are enough to seek your attention and utilize your money by spending on it.



Longyi is one of the most selling items in Myanmar which is popular among tourist especially. Longyi is the long cloth around skirt which can be worn by both man and women. It is a traditional outfit in Myanmar gives you a traditional look and devotes you in the culture of Myanmar.

#7.Lotus Silk Scarves and Shawls

The outstanding variety of lots silk scarves and shawls can be a reason of your love towards the clothing of Myanmar. The pure silk and variety of designs over the silk cloth are absolutely mind-blowing.

#8.Marble Carvings

Now it’s a time to talk about the beautifully sculptured marble carving of Myanmar which is running from long years in the culture of Burmese. The ravishing and artistic statues of Buddha of multiple sizes can work as gift items or a home décor.

#9.Tamarind Flakes

Let’s talk about this rare food item that can be only seen during your Myanmar visit is Tamarind Flakes made from Tamarind. The sweet and salty taste of Tamarind Flakes can relish the taste of your tongue and can be also used as a digester.

#10.Gems and Pearls Articles

Myanmar is a place of gems, pearls, and other precious stones and here you can find the charming gems and pearls articles. The dazzling artwork of stones over the plates, bowls, and cups is what you cannot avoid.

So what are you waiting for? Myanmar is waiting for you to serve at it best. Do not forget to buy anyone of these items from the list of worthy things to buy in Myanmar.

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