Top 10 Resorts For Your Perfect Morocco Family Holidays

Family holidays are very important for recreating the family bond which gets more strong after it. These holidays take you away from the daily hectic routine making your life smooth again. Whenever we choose to go for a holiday we are choosing to balance our lives. All work and no holidays not only make your life boring but it also stubborn your laziness to a level where relief seems a useless thing to you. So we need to take a break and plan something for our family as well. But there are many things we need to get assure of before packing our bags for dream vacations.


When we talk about the family holidays there are many things which come into our mind. The first point above all other things is the decision of selecting the perfect destination for your perfect family holidays. Now, most of the people like to spend their vacations chilling on the beaches and resorts especially when it comes to the family vacations and spending the quality time with your family in a place where no one feels bored and children can enjoy the same way as parents. So I would recommend all of those confused parents who really want an ideal vacation for their family to plan their perfect Morocco family holidaysThere are many valid points which are hidden inside my recommendation. We all know that Morocco is in North Africa which is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and that is the reason why all the amazing resorts and water parks are an essential part of this Country. This makes it the most wanted destination for the dream vacation with your family.

Top 10 Resorts for Your Perfect Morocco Family Holidays

Here I have selected the best resorts for your perfect Morocco family holidays because selecting the best resort for stay is another big issue after finding the destination and location. So for all those who are now deciding their vacations on the resorts in Morocco can check in to the following resorts;


1.       Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort

For families who want a five-star hotel and resort for stay and enjoyment need to pick this utterly beautiful resort, Km 10, Route de Casablanca، El Jadida, Morocco. Which is in the heart of the most convenient route between the beach and the city. This resort is specially made for facilitating the people who love to view the beautiful view and they want to keep intact with the urban areas also. This resort has many things to offer rather than their 5-star service there is a beautiful golf course for the golf lovers. This is the specialty of this resort. So if you are a man with good taste in golf than this is your dream location for perfect family holidays.

2.       Labranda Targa Club Aqua Parc

In Douar Bouchareb, Marrakech, Morocco there is a beautiful aqua park and beautiful resort which is specially designed for the people who love to take the water rides and enjoy with their family. Especially the childer will love this resort and their quality stays here. So if you are really deciding a vacation for your kids don’t forget to check in Labranda Targa club Aqua Parc.

3.       SENTIDO Kenzi Menara Palace

The address to Sentido Kenzi Menara Palace is Zone de l’Agdal – Avenue Mohamed VI، Marrakesh, Morocco. You can have the best time with the beautiful ambiance this place gives. The epic part of this place is that there are a lot of eateries and places where you can enjoy the yummy food. You don’t have to struggle much for good food because it’s all around the Sentido Kenzi Menara Palace. Yes, but deciding what to eat will be difficult due t numerous variety of yummy eatables.

4.       Iberostar Club Palmeraie Marrakech

This resort is located in 6 Commune Rurale Ouidane Sidi Youssef Ben Ali, Marrakech, Morocco. This club is the most beautiful thing on its own. There are very beautiful palm trees which surround the resort making it a complete ravishing site for the eyes of the observers. If I say that this resort suites the young couples who want to spend some quality time and enjoy keeping their hectic schedules behind than it would be the most appropriate thing to say. So if you really want to revive your love life and feel the magic again then Iberostar club Palmeraie Marrakech is your holiday destination.

5.       Paradis Plage Surf Yoga & Spa Resort

This mindblowing yoga and spa resort is located in Km 26 route d’Essaouira, Imi Ouaddar, Agadir, Morocco. This resort is known for the best mind and body relaxing services which are offered here. You can relax and switch off your smartphone. This resort is built after considering the need for peace of mind for better health. So yoga specialist here will try to fix your imbalanced mind making it more peaceful and relaxed than ever. This resort suits the old age couple and their children who want to spend their quality time with parents in a peaceful place.

6.       Iberostar Founty Beach

This hotel and resort are placed in Agadir, Morocco for all the right reasons. This place is specially built for making your stay on the beach more valuable and comforting with the royal building and the beautiful ambiance inside out. This place could be your key to enjoying the royal life near the beach in a very different style. Children will love the ambiance as well due to the royal touch at every part.

7.       Le Berbere Palace

This beautiful Berbere Palace is the best resort for the people who want an economical solution for their family vacation. There are many offers which are given for the vacation here in Le Berbere Palace. You can enjoy this place even in a less budget and this way your family will be happy to have the best quality vacation in Morocco.

8.       Villa Gonatouki

Near the area of Ghazoua, there is a beautiful resort which offers the family villas for the best family vacation named Villa Gonatouki. This place is designed for giving the feeling of home and the resort, so for all those who want to enjoy the vacation but at the same time they feel uncomfortable living in hotels can book a villa here and enjoy the home like infrastructure.

9.       Hotel Riu Tikida Dunas

This place in Morocco is specially designed for the fun-loving people because of the pubs and the bars around this place you can chill and enjoy partying with your family. The beach of Riu Tikida Dunas and the places near it is completely made for the family who knows how to party in Morocco!

10.   Club Marmara Madina

The address to this marine resort is Route de Fès, Bâtiment 2, Marrakech, Morocco. This resort is made for the people who love to enjoy the luxurious life and this is the reason why this club is prominent for the ones who like to avail the best quality luxurious services. So If you really want to cherish the luxurious vacations with your family then choose club Marmara Madina for best services and coolest ambiance. Their staff is also very much cooperative.

Virikson travel is offering the best packages regarding Morocco holidays. You just need to decide the location and then let us guide you towards it with pleasure!

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