The Reasons You Should Try Private Yacht for A Luxury Vacation in Chicago

People love to travel to exotic locations in their holidays. People have different options when it comes to deciding where to go and what it means to use. As a passionate traveler, you would love to take the next vacation trip with your family and friends. You can make a trip to a serene tropical island of Hawaii Island or go exploring the scenic beauty of Oregon. There is a growing trend of people traveling on luxury yachts where they get to spend a few days in utmost comfort and extravagance.


There are many companies that offer private yacht and crewed charter services if you want to go on a cruise vacation. You can easily book a yacht service where you will accompany by an expert captain and skilled crew. The luxury yacht vacation is your ticket to relax, enjoy, unwind, and have a special time with your family and friends. You not only get to travel in style and sophistication but get pampered by a professional crew who take care of all your needs. Chicago is one of the most beautiful cities of the country where people from not only the local citizens but tourists love to come. The city is not only the windiest city but filled with the amazing natural landscape, and you will be awestruck with how beautifully the city has been planned. The city has the most beautiful lake in the world in the form of Lake Michigan and also surrounded by Chicago River in the downtown area. One of the most popular tourist activity in Chicago is an architectural boat tour in Chicago River and cruising in Lake Michigan on luxury yachts and cruise ships. The river and lake offer all the opportunity for a person to go on tours using cruise ships and private luxury yacht service. The reasons why you should ride on a superior class yacht for your Chicago luxury vacation are

  • There is always something unique and special of a yacht trip particularly if you are going on yacht vacation for the first time
  • You get all the time to relax, delicious food, and entertain yourself in different fun activities such as waterskis, kayaks, surfboarding, snorkeling, and towing tubes
  • You get a chance to see the picturesque city skyline from the yacht
  • You will also get the chance to explore the wide expanse of Lake Michigan, which is considered the most beautiful lake in the world.
  • There is no rush as unlike a cruise ship; the yacht would not leave on an island behind. You have booked the yacht service, so have the opportunity to have your schedule.
  • There are luxury sailboats, catamarans, and yachts, which have world class features when it comes to amenities and relaxation.
  • The yacht is driven by a skilled and experienced captain who knows about the route and how to take a group of people on tour either in the Chicago River or the amazing Lake Michigan. The captain may even allow you to steer the yacht for a few minutes and experience the joy of driving a yacht
  • The crew on the yacht are very courteous, supportive, and professional. The chef has culinary skills to cook special meals and food from famous cuisines. The staff serves you the drinks and food and also prepare the rooms for you to settle in and rest.
  • The yacht tour is not expensive, and you can always share the yacht with another group of people and families if you have a small group of people traveling with you
  • You can easily place your belongings and possessions in the available space of the yacht.

You have the option to set your schedule and make the vacation unique. The yacht service is quite affordable with the help of economical budgets depending on the type of yacht you chose and the total number of people who accompany you. There are a wide variety of yachts available for Chicago luxury vacationwhich depend on the taste, budget, and amenities a person needs and wants. The motor yachts and small yachting are best for a couple, a small family and a small group of friends. The mega yachts are ideal for a bigger group with at least 12 people. The size of the yacht does not matter, the professional crew with ensuring you get to spend the best time of your life on the private yacht.

One of the best things is that you get flexibility, whether it is the food you want or the fun activities you like when on board the yacht. There is a preference sheet which you are asked to fill with any specific details you want from the yacht service. The professional companies offering yacht services have numerous options from which you can choose the best tour for your luxury vacation. The options are categorized on the number of people that will accompany you, the cabin size, the crew needs, and the other important features of the yacht.

The one thing which you and your family or friends would love the most about traveling on a yacht is the range of different amazing and fun activities. The water sports activities include scuba diving, skiing, kayaking, wind surfing, jet skiing, and snorkeling.

The Chicago luxury vacation include the famous Chicago Architectural River Cruise that includes

  • Seeing the sprawling skyline of Chicago from within the Chicago River
  • Seeing more than 50 buildings on a single tour
  • The refreshments and cookies are served on the yacht
  • The highlights of the tour include seeing the Willis Tower (formerly known as Sears Tower), Marina Tower, and John Hancock Building

The tours on both the Chicago River and Lake Michigan does not happen in the winters due to very cold temperatures. The best time to explore the Chicago River is late spring and in the summer months. The Lake Michigan Sightseeing cruise includes

  • 40 minutes of splendid views of the lake and the panoramic Chicago skyline
  • Seeing the famous landmarks and hearing the colorful details
  • Delicious meals and drinks such as tea and coffee to make you feel relaxed.

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