The 8 Most Unique Water Festivals in The World

This summer if you are planning to travel to Myanmar or the countries below , you can not miss the wonderful water festival to make the summer heat disappear and experience unique culture.

1. Thingyan, Myanmar


Taking place at the same time as Thailand’s Songkran on the middle of April, but the Thingyan festival in Myanmar has distinctive features.
Not only fun, Myanmar people believe that this is a good opportunity for them to do volunteer work together to help those in need.

2. Chol Chnam Thmay, Cambodia


At the same time with Songkran in Thailand and Thingyan in Myanmar, Chol Chnam Thmay festival has more gentle activities. On this occasion, people will do charity together as well as organize traditional dances, music shows and craft show. Those who participate in the festival will be wet with holy water and pour water onto the Buddha statues in temples, pagodas and monasteries on the street to pray for blessings.

3. Water throwing on women during Easter in Hungary

This interesting folk custom is held on Easter in April by the Matyo tribe, in northern Hungary. The girls participating in the festival will wear traditional dresses, beautiful makeup to get more people pouring water on themselves.

In the opinion of the people here, the girl who gets the most “sprinklers” will be more lucky and able to give birth well, so every one wants to be wet from head to toe.

4. Vardavar, Armenia

Vardavar is the most important traditional water festival of Armenia, a country in Southwest Asia. Vardavar has its roots in Christianity and some other sects in Armenia.


Festival attendees also release the birds to seek freedom in their lives.

Historically, a goddess poured rose water throughout the country to protect her beloved people. So on this occasion, Armenian people also go to the streets to splash water on the road to bring good luck and love for each other.

5. Songkran, Thailand

Also known as the famous New Year’s water festival in Thailand. This unique festival is rooted in the Hindu tradition.


People in Thailand – the land of golden temples believe that splashing water will help to clean the unlucky things in the old year, while easing the heat in the coming summer.

From April 13th to April 15th, 2017, the festival officially began with the battles of water and jubilation throughout the street. Thailand is the country you should check-in this summer to protect yourself from the heat.

6. Water festival of Thai ethnic group, China

There is no large scale, but the Water Festival of the Thai people in China is considered one of the festivals filled with cheerful and happy colors.
During the three days of the festival, people will go to the market to buy traditional items and utensils, or drop lanterns on the river to dispel bad deeds.

The last day of the festival is also the day that most people are looking forward to, because they are beautiful to go to the temple to participate in the activities of water splash and praying for good luck.

7. Seattle, USA


Every summer, people in Seattle, Washington, USA and tourists get the chance to participate in “The biggest water battle in the world”.
Thousands of pre-prepared water balls will be snapped up when the music is played, not only as a fun summer recreation but also as a fundraiser for the poor children at the localities of the city.

8. Water Festival and Smoked Meat, San Juan Batista, USA


The name is enough to know how attractive it is. On June 23 every year, when the clock reaches 12 o’clock at night, a jubilant battle with water buckets, water pistols will take place until the next morning, making the whole city of San Juan Batista overwhelmed with beer, water and fireworks of the festival.

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