Suggestion of 7 Cheap Travel Places in Binh Duong

It takes just over an hour to travel by motorcycle from Saigon, you will discover that Binh Duong is an interesting destination, ideal to “escape” on the weekend.

Thuy Chau Artificial Spring Resort

With an area of more than 18 hectares, Thuy Chau Resort is an artificial landscape, but forests, streams and waterfalls will help you temporarily escape the hustle and bustle of the city and immersed into fresh natural space.
With airy space, green trees and artificial streams, you will feel like you are in Da Lat. The trees with shady shade around the lake are so beautiful, which is a great background for the fans of photography to capture the beautiful moments.

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The most interesting thing to do here is taking a dip in the artificial stream. Stream water is tap water, during your swim, it will continue be circulated by high pressure filtration system. After each day water is disinfected with Japanese chlorine to ensure the safety for tourists

In addition, in the Thuy Chau tourist area also has a swimming pool, with a depth of just 1.2m and 1200m² wide, you can enjoy playing under cool water, find fun moments with friends and family as well as release all your stress effectively.

Phu An Bamboo Village

Located in Ben Cat District, Binh Duong Province, about 40km from the center of Ho Chi Minh City, Phu An Bamboo Village is a cool and green haven for young Saigoners to have brand new experiences.

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From Saigon, you drive straight along Highway 13 towards Ben Cat, to Sao Do crossroads, turn left, meet the first intersection, then turn right. Run 6 km more to the bamboo village. Here, you can visit the village, enjoy picnic, take photos, eating ….

Cathedral of Phu Cuong

Located at 104 Lac Long Quan Street, Phu Cuong Ward, Thu Dau Mot, near the roundabout of Thu Dau Mot, Phu Cuong Cathedral is one of the largest churches in Binh Duong, designed and built in a unique modern gothic style.

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The church was completely rebuilt from the old church, inaugurated in April 2014. The image of the old church with the sound of its bell every afternoon was replaced by a new Gothic-style church with a modern look after being embellished. From a distance, visitors can easily see the Cathedral of Phu Cuong standing out with large and tall bell tower.

With a fairly large campus, courteous colors, beautiful and fancy architecture, the current Phu Cuong Cathedral is not only a place for religious pilgrims but also attracts many people to visit and take photograph.

Chau Thoi Pagoda

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Chau Thoi Pagoda, located at the top of Chau Thoi Mountain, Binh An Commune, Di An District, is one of the oldest pagodas in Binh Duong Province. The unique Buddhist architecture, peaceful airy beauty of the temple has attracted many visitors to come. Chau Thoi pagoda preserves many statues and bells with high cultural and historical value.

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The pagoda has many bronze statues in the main hall 2 sets of ancient Arhat and Naraka statue made of terracotta, 3 stone statues from the 18th century, a wooden statue dating back hundred years ago …

Dai Nam tourist area

Dai Nam tourist area is located in Hiep An Ward, Thu Dau Mot, about 30km north of Ho Chi Minh City. The entire resort has a total area of about 476ha, where it integrates many types of tourism and entertainment including temples, palaces, mountains, hotels, rivers, lakes, amusement parks …This is a spiritual tourism sites bearing the traditional culture of the nation.

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The most prominent is Kim Dien – the golden temple located in Dai Nam tourist area. Kim Dien is recognized as the largest temple in Vietnam, inside is 24k gold plated. The entire temple area of 9ha includes flower garden, mountains… Temple area of over 5,000m² is made of precious wood; the cliffs and patterns are 24k gold plated.

Dau Tieng complex

Dau Tieng Lake is a famous scenic area of Binh Duong Province. There are mountains, lakes and water. Among them, the most prominent is the Nui Cau mountain – a beautiful poetic painting. This is an interesting tourist destination for travelers on the journey to find wilderness. Standing on Nui Cau Mountain, you can observe the beautiful scenery around Dau Tieng Lake.

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It is also known for its unique Dau Tieng Irrigation Works. The lake is blue, smooth, surrounded by green lawns and intermingled with fragrant white flowers. In addition, there are many other tourist sites and cultural relics such as: Thoi Son Pagoda, Phu Loi Prison, Phu An Ecological Conservation Center, ancient house…

Gio & Nuoc Café (Wind and Water Café)

A project located in the 6 / 28T Zone 3 Phu Tho, Thu Dau Mot City, which has won many awards of Vietnam Architects Association and international association. The Wind and Water Café is an interesting stopover and more than a mesmerizing tourist spot.

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The work is a fine, harmonious combination between wind energy and water cooling capacity. The principle of aerodynamics has helped the project save the cost of buying and using air conditioners. All the building materials for the café are nearly 7,000 bamboo trees, traditional materials of the Vietnamese people, which is very eco-friendly. At night, the use of art light also makes the building more shimmering and beautiful.

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