Striking Check – in Destinations in The Spot Light in Saigon

Saigon is favorably dubbed home to “eyes – catching” shops and stores. If you travel this dynamic city, you might “burn” a significant portion of money when going around it.

Of course, there is no shortage of pretty shops in Sai Gon, but for the reason of the highly recommended ones by young travelers, I suggest following 2 destinations that you definitely capture “thousand – like” pictures like those on magazines.

1. Ice Kitchen – ice cream shop as beautiful as a K – pop MV!

Saigon 1

In recent days, the young people in Sai Gon has “flocked” into a pretty ice cream shop. If you accidentally see images of this shop on Facebook or Instagram, you would probably think that this is somewhere in Korea because of the eyes – catching design as K-pop music. In addition to impressive space, the shop offers various kinds of ice cream that promise to capture your attention and satisfy your appetite with the mouthful at the same time.

Located at 496 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Ward 2, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, this “dream” shop is actually an ice cream shop named Ice Kitchen. Stepping onto the shop, you would definitely be “overwhelmed” by the comfortably large space. Unlike the other ice cream shops that are quite small, Ice Kitchen spread over an area of 3 floors. Therefore, you can grasp a seat whenever you drop by this amazing ice cream shop.

Saigon 2

You might love at first sight with the shop by its pixel style of design, accompanied by pastel pink. Additionally, the walls are delicately arranged by cute and lovely paintings and drawings. Moreover, the interior, from lamps to decorations are carefully decorated to create a “perfect” space, then, satisfy the sense of beauty of its guests.

During the day time, you might take a seat inside the shop that is equipped with air – conditioners. In the evening, if you prefer the romance, you can grasp a place at 3rd floor which offers a large garden featuring the glittering yellow lights. Thus, you certainly feel free to “chit chat” all the evening.

Saigon 3

As the name would imply, Ice Kitchen is actually a kitchen serving ice cream. If you get there at the first time, you will probably “confused” by the rich menu facing you. You might find it difficult to choose your favorite flavor of ice cream. However, I would like to recommend top 3 “must – try” flavors that also the main dishes of the shop including chocolate – dipped ice cream, waffle ice cream, and fruit yogurt served with ice cream.

The most prominent feature of Ice Kitchen is the “empowerment” to process your own ice cream instead of ordering available taste. You can choose your favorite ice cream flavors (vanilla, chocolate …), waffles (traditional, chocolate, green tea, …), and topping (almonds, sugar candies, pumpkin seeds, dried strawberries, dried mangos, sea salt, chilies, roses …).

Saigon 4

After trying all three main flavors of ice cream, you might understand the reason why Ice Kitchen has attracted a significant number of customers. It is simply because the ice cream is totally worth your  paying. Waffle ice cream can stir up your taste bubs by soft and crispy waffle and cool ice creams served with dozens of mouth-watering toppings. Additionally, fruit yogurt with ice cream is a perfect combination of sweetness (of ice cream) and fresh sweet sourness (of fruit yogurt), so is is without dispute an ideal dish during such hot weather of Sai Gon.

Out of three main kinds of ice cream, the most “special” one must be chocolate – dipped ice cream. This flavor is highly recommended for those who have a sweet tooth because of the combination of two sweet dishes. If you are not a big fan of sweetie, you might found this dish too sweet to satisfy your taste.

Saigon 5

Saigon 6

It’s worth mentioning that Ice kitchen offers affordable prices. Specifically, drinks and desserts range from 35,000 VND (approximately 2$) to 69,000 VND (approximately 3,5$). Even the “signature” dishes of the shop offer quite a large size, so they can “full” the stomach of 2 people at a reasonable price. Can’t wait to see it, right?

2. Chanchamayo – a pretty café driving the young in Sai Gon crazy!

Chanchamayo is located on the quiet and cool Ngo Thi Nhiem street. Simultaneously, the street has been dubbed the”coffee road” of Saigon with many famous cafés such as C.on, Five Ten Fifteen, The Coffee House, etc. The way to Chanchamayo is totally accessible because it is near the main road. Let’s give it a try!

Saigon 7

The coffee shop is divided into the outdoor space and indoor space. The former one is quite spacious, airy, and full of light from the sunshine all day long. It is characterized by white and brown that make it cozy, comfortable, and luxury. Moreover, this area features green cactus pots and palm trees contributing to creating the coolness and uniqueness of its own.

The wooden swing outside is one of the “hottest” check – in spots of the shop. Especially in the late afternoon, it is shimmering with lights. However, you should take a place at open space in the late afternoon or during cool days unless you will probably be “burned” by such hot weather of get wet of rain.

Saigon 8

The in door area of Chanchamayo has the same dominant color as the out door area. It is decorated by pots, ornaments of light tones, small size, and pretty shape. Significantly, the Café offers a pretty shelf displaying lots of pottery items, so you can buy if you’d love to. This corner also captures the eyes of young guests to check in thanks to the photogenic and sparkling scene.

If you drop by Chanchamayo for the purpose of working or sipping a cup of coffee to admire rays of sunshine, you should definitely take a seat near the glass doors. To meet the growing needs of customers, the shop provides private spaces for meeting or working in group that are equipped with board and pens. However, you might be “stuffy” when the shop is full of guests due to low ceiling, thick decoration of furniture, and yellow light.

Saigon 9

Chanchamayo offers a rich menu including coffee, smoothie, and drinks made of milkfoarm that are driving young guys crazy. We tried a cup of coffee and Houjicha Milkfoarm – the most favorite drink in Chamchamayo. At first, these drinks definitely capture your attention by pretty decoration that makes them photogenic in the lens of both professional and amateur photographers. You surely take a nice picture to post on Instagram. Houjicha, which originates from Japan, is flavored and fragrant with dried fried tea leaves. Milkfoarm is rich ad fresh sweet. In addition, the shop serves main courses for lunch, cakes, and crepe for dessert.

Saigon 10

All foods and drinks at Chanchamayo are at quite high prices fluctuating from 60, 000 Vnd ( 3$) to 100,000 VND (5$)/ portion. However, it’s worth mentioning that the quality of foods and drinks are totally worth your spending.

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