Spring in Vietnam

In four seasons: the spring, summer, autumn and winter is Spring in Vietnam is the most beautiful season as well as it is welcomed the most with all of Vietnamese because this season not only appear many flowers everywhere, but also this is the season for the festivals among it is the most important festivals with Vietnamese is New Year or still called Tet.


With the average temperature of a day is around 18-25C, it is very comfortable and you always feel everything is very nice with a such nice degree. The spring is lasted three months from January to March by the lunar calendar,. If the summer in Vietnam often the strong and short rains, then vice versa it is often appeared the low rains or the locals still call “the spring rains” in the spring in Vietnam, it is not strong rains, so that you still walk and move easy under these lower rains. The spring is also a chance for tourist whose visit Vietnam take part in a lot of the different and special traditional festivals at anywhere around Vietnam such as Perfume Pagoda festival where is just far from Hanoi around 60km by bus, Perfume Pagoda is one of the most ancient pagodas in Vietnam, this is a place where is appeared firstly about Buddha in Vietnam, there are thousands of tourist visit this traditional site around Vietnam, it is very crowed and bustling after Tet festival around January to March every year, taking part in Perfume Pagoda festival you will have a chance to row along a very nice river with a lot of the mighty and mountain landscape and flowers two sites of this river, the locals will row, take and talk to you about the historical stories as well as the legends of these areas, it is very interested. Beside Perfume Pagoda festival, Lim festival is also considered as one of the most interested festivals in the northern Vietnam in the spring, enjoying this festival, you will have a chance to see and find about the traditional habits and customs of the locals in the northern Vietnam, you have a chance to try and take part in the traditional games of the locals, especially coming with Lim festival you are listened the folk songs of Vietnamese men and women, and these melody is accepted by UNESCO as one the intangible heritages in the world, it is very different and special…..

The spring is often showed the most clearly in the northern Vietnam, because it is divided the separate four seasons in the northern Vietnam the spring, summer, autumn and winter. This is also the peak season for travelling around Vietnam because its weather is very nice and it does not have the storms like in the summer. Further more, traveling in the spring the tourist do not need to bring too many clothes like in the winter in Vietnam with the average degree is around 10-20C.

With Vietnamese, the spring is very specially and meaning because this is the period where almost the persons whose work far from home are returned their homelands to reunite with their family in New Year (Tet Festival) in this spring. Also like other countries in the world, there are a lot of people whose live and work not nearly or at home, they must work far from home even far thousand of km, so that New Year period in the spring is also the best chance for them to gather with their families, this is why at this time all kinds of transfers between the different cities in Vietnam are easy fully booked about the transfer tickets such as the air tickets, train tickets, bus tickets…..so that if you are travellers who intend to travel in this period, then you also have many chances to find about the traditional habits and customs of Vietnamese in their this famous festival but beside that you also should care about the service prices of travelling such as the flight, hotels, restaurants…because almost of these services are increased in the New Year, even it is very easy fully booked because this is not only a peak season for the foreign tourist whose prefer to visit Vietnam at this time, but also the domestic tourists inside Vietnam prefer to travel a lot at this time, that’s why the good hotels, resorts, flights, trains at the tourist destinations are normally fully booked at this time since very early.

Normally, it is divided very clearly four seasons in the northern Vietnam so that the spring is shown very clearly in this region but with the central and the south of Vietnam it has just the main two seasons is the wet and dry season, so that if you do not like the spring with the low rains and the average degree around 18-28C, then the higher degree around from 25-35C is appeared in the central and the south region of Vietnam. With lot of tourists whose prefer to swim, then they like to visit any season in Vietnam excepting winter because they can swim even three seasons is the spring, summer and autumn in Vietnam.

The spring is also the season for a lot of couples whose want to marry and have the wonderful honeymoons at any place around Vietnam in this season, Vietnamese also consider that the spring is the season of happiness and weddings so that if you travel to Vietnam in the spring, you also have many chances to see Vietnamese traditional wedding, the reason you can see these weddings because it is different from Western countries, almost of the weddings of Vietnamese are organized at home (just some weddings are organized in the restaurants), but even these wedding are organized at home, then the most important ceremony of a wedding is pray the ancestors are still happen at home.

The most beautiful season in a year in Vietnam is spring because this season is not only very comfortable about the weather but also the flowers are bloomed everywhere and you can do any activity at any site even in the mountain or beach areas.

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