Scenic Lakes in the An Giang

That Son (meaning Seven Mountains) is located in Tri Ton district, Tinh Bien district, An Giang province. High terrain creates beautiful enchanting natural lakes beneath the plain.

1. Ta Pa lake, Nui To commune, Tri Ton district:

An Giang 1

Ta Pa lake is a lake formed from the rock mining, accidentally created a reservoir lake on Ta Pa mountain with a beautiful landscape. Like the lake in That Son area, the road to Ta Pa Lake is still very primitive and tranquil. The scenery around the lake is quite beautiful, with majestic mountains surrounding it

2. Thuy Liem Lake on Thien Cam Mountain, An Hao Commune, Tinh Bien District:

An Giang 2

Thuy Liem Lake is located right in front of the Maitreya Buddha statue. The two side ò the lake are Phat Lon pagoda and Van Linh Pagoda on the imposing Cam Son. Because Thuy Lien lake is located on a quite high spot on the top of the mountain, clouds can always cover the surface of the lake. Before, Thuy Liem Lake was very dry, in the rainy season, there was water. In general, Thuy Liem Lake is the first reservoir built compared with some lakes in the region. Thuy Liem Lake was built in 2005 and completed in 2008. The lake is also well known, as it also marks the stopover of carriages to the top of the mountain, and recently the destination of the cable car system to Thien Cam Son.

3. Thanh Long Lake on Thien Cam Mountain, An Hao Commune, Tinh Bien District

An Giang 3

Thanh Long Lake was built and completed in 2015. Located on the mighty Thien Cam Mountain, Thanh Long Lake is filled with water from the Thanh Long Stream on the slope of Cam Mountain. Water storage in the lake is to serve people living in the mountains, and water reserves in the dry season. Lake lies under the cable car line, creating more landscapes for visitors when visiting.

4. O Tuc Sa Lake, under Thien Cam Mountain, An Cu Commune, Tinh Bien District

An Giang 4

O Tuc Sa Lake has water surface as quiet as the air, cool air. But because the lake is close to the foot of Thien Cam Son, it is not so windy in this season, unlike other lakes such as O Ta Soc and Soai So. O Tuc Sa Lake is an irrigation lake serving the agriculture of mountainous people in the dry season. The road to this place is deserted and sparsely populated, and is located far from the center, so even though the scenery is quite beautiful, tourists come less than the lakes near the center.

5. Soai So Lake, Phung Hoang Son Mountain, Nui To Commune, Tri Ton District

An Giang 5

Soai So Lake is a new tourist attraction in recent years, always attracts many tourists. The lake is located on the eastern slope of Co To mountain, has pristine beauty, the lake is green all year round and calm. The lake is also quite wide, with the stream of gold flowing down from the mountain, creating a very poetic landscape. It is located at the foot of the Phung Hoang mountain, visitors have to pass by here before entering the mountain. In general, Soai So – Gold Stream has existed long, then it was rebuilt to create the landscape. Lake location and terrain are well suited for local tourism development. Together with Ta Pa lake and Soai Chek lake, Soai So has also contributed to create more beautiful scenery for the That Son area.

6. O Ta Soc Lake under the Ngoa Long Mountain, Luong Phi Commune, Tri Ton District

An Giang 6

The O Ta Soc Lake has been built and put into use in 2016. The lake also serves the farming community. The lake is located in the middle of the gorge, the water is very beautiful, because the wind is always blowing, forming waves. The reservoir has been put into use recently, in the past rainy season, so water level is not high. Some people at the foot of the mountain often take children to swim. The water in the lake is very cool and clean, due to the water from the mountain slits.

7. O Thum Lake under Phung Hoang Mountain, O Lam Commune, Tri Ton District:

An Giang 7

O Thum Lake is a water reservoir at the foot of Co To mountain to serve agricultural production. The lake is located west of Co To Mountain (Phung Hoang Son) and east of Tuc Dup Hill. It has beautiful scenery, but due to located in a quite deserted area, so few people know and visit. That accidentally created the ideal space for those who love the quiet of the mountains. There is a high mound in the lake bed, which looks like a small oasis. Some people have made a wooden bridge connecting the two banks to pass. Simple wooden bridge but accidentally increase the beauty of the mountain here.

8. Soai Chek Lake located under Ta Pa Mountain Valley and Phung Hoang Mountain, Le Tri Commune, Tri Ton District

An Giang 8

Soai Chek Lake is a newly constructed lake used for agriculture in the past year. The scenery is quite beautiful, is located far from the town center. This is also a favorable point for the development of local mountainous ecotourism.

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