Safety and Security Guides for Myanmar Travelers

If you are planning a visit to Myanmar, then you might be a bit worried about the security and safety measures you must be taking, just to be on a safer side.  From the views of people who visited the place, it is quite a safe place for many people, and incidents of crime against foreigners are as small as the sound of a pin dropped on a busy road.


Yangon one of the major cities of Myanmar is also considered to be the safest town in Asia. There are no areas in Yangon which must be deemed to be avoided for safety reasons. You will notice people approaching you asking if you need to exchange some money. Most of the time people approach foreigners just to test out their English and get self-confidence in speaking the same.

Even a high-security area is not fully secured, and you must keep some of the safety measures to be on a safer side and not get into any problem in a foreign country with no one knowing you.

  • State of public transport at the place is not up to the mark, and all need repair from Roads to pavements to even the vehicles. People of Myanmar usually have a habit to drive cars without the headlight on.
  • If you are visiting Myanmar, then you must take an equal number of torches with you with the number of people. Because most of the time we come across of some big holes in the pavement, and due to the bad lit situation you might end up falling and getting injured. Hence it is a good option to take some safety measures before hand.
  • Myanmar is not a clean country, and still many local internal wars are going at the borders. Usually, these areas are not allowed to be visited by the foreigners. There are some checkpoints in these areas so if you are a foreigner they can make you return and help you escape any problem being faced.
  • Myanmar is famous for having clashes and violence during public gatherings and such parties; hence if you are visiting the place, then you must stay far away from such gatherings.
  • Traveling always involves one of the necessary expenses to be spending bucks for water, and we do recommend you to spend just for the cause that the tap water most of the time is not safe and you must buy packaged water to drink.
  • In Myanmar you might encounter some animals and insects during hiking and visit various wild lives, you must take care of that with proper vaccinations.

Women Travelers

If you are women, then you must take care of your outfit. Mostly there is no such problem in the gear, but if you are wearing some bare shoulder dresses or some short skirts, then you might get some unwanted attention that you might to avoid most of the times.

For the most part Women in Myanmar is restricted from specific areas of religious/spiritual sites. Here women are prohibited to touch the idols and are said to be away from the place. The woman is free to talk with monks but while keeping a distance between themselves.

Disabled Traveler

If you are a disabled traveler then for the most important part you will have to keep in mind is you will not get any ramp nor in the hotels, or in trains or busses, hence you will have to keep this in mind while traveling to the place, and you might need to have someone to assist you to get in and out of most of the places.

Myanmar for most of the part is a safe country and you can fearlessly visit the place, Government is working quite hard to make the place as safe as possible for tourists. Even the police you will find will be friendly and will help you out in most of the situations.

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