Relax in The Famous Bars in Singapore with Live Music

Timbre @ Substation, Crazy Elephant Bar, Hood Bar & Café, Wala Wala Café Bar, Blu Jaz Café are the 5 most popular live music bars in Singapore that almost everyone in the city knows about. Some of these are places where they stick to their childhood and adulthood. So what’s so attractive?

Blu Jaz Café


Blu Jaz Café is one of Singapore’s most exciting bars, famous for its delicious food, great live music and live music, especially jazz performances. The bar space is decorated in a Mediterranean style combined with Bohemian ambiance in a great setting. Therefore, this is a favorite destination for jazz lovers throughout the city.

The café includes a dining area, bar, lounge and dance floor. So, Blu Jaz Café attracts visitors to all needs and aspects, from ordinary people looking to go out on the ground floor or enjoy a glass of wine in the bar and floor. Interesting dance on the second floor, to the guests prefer to relax in a special private room.

Crazy Elephant Bar


If you are a fan of the Blues, Crazy Elephant is definitely a place for you. This is where you can enjoy great performances at night with the most popular blues songs, and rock bands in Singapore. On Wednesdays and Saturdays the audience will enjoy a unique performance by the Blues Machine band.

Crazy Elephant is one of the most prominent destinations to attract visitors of all ages. Because, this bar always brings witty and funny jokes, to help their customers entertain. Sunday night is a special night for customers of the restaurant, come here on this day, customers can participate in the exchange on stage with the band. Crazy Elephant welcomes everyone on the show floor, if you want to join, just tell the bar staff.

Hood Bar & Café


If you enjoy listening to original music played by local bands, visit the Hood Bar & Café. This is where Singapore’s talented singers and musicians perform their works on stage every night. In addition, the Hood Bar & Café is also famous for its beautifully decorated art, on its walls one can see the artful street-style works.

The Hood Bar & Café is also a great place for us to hold events. Because the Hood Bar & Café is centrally located, there is a delicious menu of fine food and live music. These are the striking features that make this place so great that we can hold gatherings. In particular, there are also dynamic events and activities such as product launches or upcoming events that are held regularly.

Timbre @ Substation


Timbre @ Substation is the live venue of some of the best local bands in Singapore, such as 53A and Goodfellas – the bands with the best performances. Timbre @ Substation uses outdoor areas covered by the Substation building in the background, to provide guests with a great lively place to relax and enjoy live music performances.

In addition, Timbre @ Substation offers a varied menu of beers, including beer, beer, spirits, wine, gin, vodka, rum, tequila, whiskey, champagne, cocktails. Is a delicious international food menu, such as fried chicken wings, fried potato chips, sausages, pasta, pizzas, and eared meats so you can enjoy both music and sipping a drink.

Wala Wala Café Bar


Boasting a great live music venue for over 20 years in Singapore, the Wala Wala Café Bar has become one of the best places to enjoy music in this city. For many Singaporeans, the Wala Wala Café Bar is part of their childhood and adulthood, a comfortable place to relax with family and friends.

Live performances at the Wala Wala Café Bar often start earlier than other bars. This is one of the main reasons why many Wala Wala Café Bar people want to enjoy live music for several hours and still return home before midnight. The performances start at 17:00 on weekdays and 21:10 on weekends.

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