Reflections From Bali: The Island of God

Bali is so beautiful, so beautiful that after returning home, a lazy person like me wrote an article about a memorable voyage.


Why choose Bali?

Bali is a popular tourist destination in Southeast Asia. And the Vietnamese to Southeast Asian countries are exempt from visa. That is the first reason.

Second, Bali fulfills all of its tourism criteria: nature, culture, sea and shopping. Bali has mountains, forests, lakes, terraced fields. Cultural impressions are expressed in every corner. Almost everywhere I have encountered a part of traditional culture, from temples, houses to people’s outfits.

Bali has many beaches. I do not know how to swim but I love going to the beach. Just sitting on the shore watching the sea, listening to the wave is just enough happy. In Bali there are many secret beaches, privacy, sandy beaches nestled between the cliffs. Although not as big as the big cities, Bali still has some shopping malls in Kuta.

Thirdly, the cost of traveling to Bali is generally in the capacity of paying, not as expensive as traveling to other countries.

I know quite a lot of people have been going to Bali and it is easier to ask for experience from them.

The last reason I chose to go to Bali is because of watching the movie Love in Bali (movie has So Ji Sub played it) and have read Eat, pray, love. Just like that, I love Bali even before arriving there …

Preparing for the trip


Booking air ticket: From Vietnam to Bali there is no direct flight, so we have to book connecting flights. I chose Air Asia, 4 flights with 2 separate codes, in Kuala Lumpur. I could not get a cheap ticket because my time is not flexible, but still can afford it. I booked connecting flights which were 5 hours to each other to complete the check in / check out procedures, in case of delayed flight, eating and rest …

You should check in online in advance to save time. It is best to bring some snack with you when you’re hungry during the flight.

Hotel Reservations: In Bali there are several major areas like Kuta, Ubud, Seminyak, Nusa Dua. Kuta is the focus of many tourists, especially backpackers so crowded. We like the crowded place, so we chose Kuta.

Ubud is the heart of Bali, the cultural cradle of tradition. If you want to be close to nature, want to live near local people and enjoy fresh air in nature, then Ubud is the ideal place for you.

Seminyak is now a popular area near Kuta. In this area, if you go in groups, you can rent a villa, the cost is quite cheap. Nusa Dua is an area with high-end resorts.

In Kuta, we booked a 2 star hotel, but still had a pool. The interior is generally modern, suited to my taste. Room quality is a bit disappointing (dark room, slightly old), but not so bad. Nice location, located in an alley near the busiest crowded street in Kuta, so although in the center, the hotel is quite quiet. The location is next to the local market, the alley lane is open 24 hours, there is a convenience store. Hotel staff very good and enthusiastic (I appreciate this point). I booked a deluxe room on the first floor, have a nice view but a little personal privacy because sometimes you go back and forth. We have to pull the curtains all the way.

Services: In Bali there is a good form of travel: private car hire, with private English speaking driver. The price is not too expensive. You can go on your own schedule, or the driver will suggest. On the way, you can ask the driver to stop at any place.

We hired a 4 seats, air conditioning car. This is almost an official service in Bali already. Drivers can accompany you to visit the sights without having to buy tickets, and can take pictures for you. He took so beautiful photos – more than us.

The trip’s schedule

Bali has many attractions and activities. Depending on the time, you have to choose the most worthwhile points, the rest must be the next time. Our schedule for Bali trip is as follows:

Day 1: Fly and fly. Arrive late at night, check in Kuta hotel, rest.

Day 2: 9h Departure to visit Tanah Lot Temple. 13h Lunch at Pirates Bay in Nusa Dua. Go to the beach. 16h departure to visit the Uluwatu Shrine and see Kecak Dance (show from 18-19h30). Dinner at Jimbaran beach then back to the hotel.

Day 3: 7:30 am departs to visit Ulun Danu Beratan Temple. On the way back to stop drinking mulberry juice. Visit Monkey Forest Ubud. Have lunch at the entrance. Visit the terraced fields Tegalalang. Visit the Ubud Art Market and buy souvenirs. Go to the hotel for a clean bath and then take a stroll around Kuta, have dinner, go to the bar / café.

Day 4: Wake up early to the sea. Breakfast. About the hotel rent a motorbike to go shopping around Kuta: Kuta Beach Walk, Mal Bali Galeria. Lunch. Have fun at the hotel swimming pool, have dinner and then go to the airport.

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