Pine Forest in Ang Village-Da Lat in the North West

Located in the Moc Chau Plateau, the pine forest in Ang Village not only has the fresh and cool climate, charming scenery but also is the cultural treasure of Thai ethnic people who have long lived in Ang Village.

The pine forest in Ang Village, located in Dong Sang Commune, Moc Chau District, Son La Province

The pine forest in Ang Village, located in Dong Sang Commune, Moc Chau District, Son La Province

The pine forest in Ang Village, located in Dong Sang Commune, Moc Chau District, Son La Province, covers an area of 43 hectares. It is a combination of two pine species of local pine trees and Da Lat pine trees and a 5ha natural lake. To reach here, from the center of Moc Chau town, you can drive about 2 km along Highway 43.


This place is said to be the miniature Da Lat of the Northwest with soaring green pine forest stretching across the hills of brown red feral creating beautiful fascinating natural scenery.

The forest has a temperate climate, fresh air which give visitors relaxed and comfortable feeling, and therefore, the forest becomes more beautiful, more lovely and more attractive. The scenery in Ang Village pine forest is as beautiful as a painting with stilt houses hidden behind the green leaf canvas. Beside is the natural lake spreading over 5 hectares, the lake is quiet and surrounded by green pine carpet spreading on the ridge of reddish-brown hills.

Here, you will feel the change of weather with four seasons in a day. Early in the morning, the village sinks in the mist. At noon, the sun is blazing like summer days. In the afternoon, the lake is flat, the sun is shining like it is in the autumn. When the night falls, dew covers the space and the wind blows like in the winter.

The lake beside Ang Village pine forest is also thought to be a mirror reflecting the sky. Early in the morning, the lake’s surface is covered with fog. When the sun goes up, the sunshine is like honey. In the afternoon, the mist appears and the scene becomes poetic. However, the most beautiful moments are in the full moon days, when space is extremely romantic.

Coming to Ang Village, you can camp in the pine forest, or rent bicycles to visit the surrounding forests, walk along the lake or row duck boats to enjoy the fresh air, see the sight when the sun sets or rises and take wonderful pictures.

Especially, there are tens of hectares of land planted with Cải (fireworks sparkle) flowers around the village. When the flowers bloom, the hills and fields are covered with white color with poetic trails in the quiet space. There are the singing of birds, the humming of bees searching for floral honey …

Not only does Da Lat have strawberries, but Ang Village also has this kind of fruit. Just 1 km from the pine forest, orchard and strawberry gardens are an exciting new experience for the trip. Ripe red berries are well-groomed with attractive scent, sweet and sour taste and only appears from November to April. You can pick strawberries and enjoy them by yourself.

Village and Villagers

Thai people in Ang Village still preserve intact their traditional identity characterized by traditional stilt house architecture, brocade dress, traditional folk songs, folk dance, folk games and festivals including Het Cha festival, new rice festival …

The people of Ban Ang live mainly by raising and cultivating crops such as tea, canola, corn, rice … and weaving embroidery and weaving brocade, creating products such as towels, jackets, Curtains, tablecloths … with various designs, attractive colors and unique patterns.


Coming to Ang Village pine forest, you will have the opportunity to experience daily life with the villagers, live in the house on stilts, go to the tea hill to pick up tea, fish in the streams … or ride horses to explore the forest, walking along the lake, cycle,  row duck boats…

Ang Village has many stilt houses for rent with prices from 60,000 VND per person. In the evening, villagers organize fire camps, sing, and dance, you can enjoy specialties here such as rice, smoked meat, fish grilled in the bamboo tube… You can also bring camping tents in the forest.

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