Phuoc Binh highland- Stopping Place for Those Who Love to Explore

Phuoc Binh National Park, Ninh Thuan Province has been an ideal destination for those who are engaged in traveling and exploring the amazing « untouched » attractions.

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Located in Phuong Binh Commune, Bac Ai District, Ninh Thuan Province, Phuoc Binh National Park is 70 kilometers to the northwest of the center of Phan Rang- Thap Cham City. To reach this fascinating place, you might travel 36 kilometers along National Highway 27 to Ninh Son, then turn right on National Highway 27B about 1 kilometers, turn left onto DTD 656 Street, then, follow the signals.

It’s such a worthy journey because tourists will be overwhelmed by the charming scenery along the road. In other words, nature here definitely treats you a big « feast ». It ‘s attractive with majestic mountains stretching an immense area, the rustic and traditional villages of the ethnic minority groups, the vast rice farms coloring the commune fresh green.

Riding motorbike on the winding passages, in which you go down to the abyss, and follow the road running along Cai river, fall in love with the yellow of the forest, you definitely own an unforgettable trip to this amazing land.

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Phuoc Binh offers a variety of attractions such as national park, flora garden, Da Nhong stream, Da Ban waterfall, « swing » bridge, Pi-Tac Trac rock field, etc. Among these attractive destinations, the series of three spectacular waterfalls, namely Da Nhong, Da Ban, Da Den are worth mentioning because of its « untouched » beauty. This must be the reason why it has been one of the most famous tourist attraction in Ninh Thuan served as an ideal spot for picnicking at the weekend.

The charming Da Ban Waterfall provides large spaces suitable for picnicking, camping, swimming, bathing, going fishing, crossing the waterfall, etc. To get there, you have to go through 1,5 kilometers of forest road, in which you sometimes go on the steps, walking through trails, trekking thick bamboo forest.

Phuoc Binh forest is featured by cool and fresh air accompanied the « unspoiled » nature. On the way to the forest, you definitely indulge yourself into the poetic beauty of the blooming orchid, unique species of trees, insects moving and hiding in front of the presence of tourists, pretty mushrooms of different shapes, bamboo shoots sprouting strongly, etc.

Da Ban Waterfall falls all year round, in which the rainy season starts from June to November and dry season begins from December to May of the next year. The waterfall is about 3 meters high, combining with Da Den Waterfall and Da Nhong Spring to form a complex of waterfall and spring stretching across the area of 11 kilometers from Lam Dong to Ninh Thuan. This waterfall has strong and deep flows, so it forms small lakes at the foot. These lakes are cool throughout the year what enables tourists to immerse in the cool pristine water and, even, go fishing right at the lake.

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Standing at the « swing » bridge crossing over the murmuring stream, you definitely hold a panoramic view the view of the immense mountains and forests covered thousands of miles, the stunning waterfall cascading amid the laughter of tourists and melodious songs of cicadas. And you, of course, can indulge yourself into the peaceful atmosphere to temporarily put aside all the worries and concerns of the bustling life. Then, you will see that life comes easily and thus, you can deal with all incidents in life thanks to the peace of mind.

The afternoon is the best time to visit the relic of Pi-nang Tac rock traps, bridges crossing the Cai River, « swing » bridges, vast fields of local residents, « long-term » villages of the ethnic minority group. Try to grasp your time to fully enjoy your trip because this chance is not for everyone at any time. The image of the smoke amid the gloomy clouds accidentally makes the mountain more majestic and mysterious, then, mesmerize tourists right when they set food in here.

One of the popular activities of tourists is to catch fishes by themselves then marinated them with salt and pepper and grill. You might unintentionally swallow your saliva with the fragrance of grilled fishes. They are tasteful, sweet, fragrant and spicy. Just look, it ‘s attractive enough to be a « mouth-watering » dish. Additionally, the feeling of enjoying the food that you make by yourself is wonderful. Moreover, you might prepare other foods at home to organize a warm party right in the forest.

Visiting the charming Phuoc Binh Highland, you do not only have a chance to enjoy the majestic nature but also the rustic and peaceful life of the locals that is totally different from the hustle and bustle of the urban life.

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