PhuKet Beach-Thailand

In recent years, Thailand has become the favorite destination of tourists all over the world. Traveling to Thailand is becoming easier and easier with cheap airline tickets and affordable accommodation.

If shopping around in Bangkok is too bored, young people can gradually find other interesting places in Thailand. Phuket is alternative solutions for you because its location is not far from Bangkok. Phuket is known as the paradise with many magnificent islands, beaches and interesting parties on the sea. So, do not hesitate to visit Phuket to enjoy the atmosphere here!

Phuket Beach in Thailand

The most reasonable time to visit Phuket is about from November to March. You can enjoy warm climate because it is not too hot and cold. Consequently, it is suitable for you to have fun. I suggest you should avoid April, May, and September as these are the peak months in Phuket.

You can travel to Phuket by plane. There is no direct flight from Vietnam or other countries to Phuket, you have to fly in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur or Singapore. Most visitors choose to fly directly Bangkok. AirAsia Airlines is a suggestion for you. The price is quite cheap. Next, traveling by bus from Bangkok to Phuket. It takes you about 12 hours to get there.

Hiring a hotel in Phuket is not too complex. There are many hotels at a reasonable price to choose. My suggestion is to book near Patong beach or Kata area because those areas are very crowded, funny, bustling and convenient to visit other places. However, do not forget to check the price before hiring a hotel if you do not want to be ripped-off. Besides, you can also hire a car at the price of $8 per day excluding gasoline. Gasoline price is quite cheap in the range of $1.5/ liter. The procedure is also quite simple. Only photocopy identity card is given to owner.

Besides beautiful beaches, Phuket is known as many interesting shows and Fantasea show is one example. This is the largest show on the island with the participation of many artists and animals such as elephants and dogs. You can participate in many fun games or enjoy food and shopping. Secondly, Koh Phi Phi is another choice for tourists. Koh Phi Phi is considered as one of the most beautiful diving sites in Thailand with coral reefs, colorful fish, and crystal-clear waters. There are many interesting activities such as seeing Koh Phi Phi from afar, kayaking or watching the Fire Dance on the beach. Thirdly, Phang Nga Bay also makes its name for Thailand traveling. This is the place where many famous films like 007 and Jurassic Park are produced. So, its landscapes are very spellbinding Phang Nga Bay has many huge limestone mountains with exclusive shapes. Do not forget to sit on the boat and explore the caves with unique stalactites from nature. The most famous cave is Tham Thad with the width of over 50m and the height of over 10m.

Entertainment might be the most interesting at Patong Beach. bars, pubs or nightclubs attract many tourists’ attention. You can go for a walk, have fun in the music and the laughter from the tourists. Besides, some places you can visit if you have time is Chalong Pagoda, Promtep Cape, Old Phuket town. Their structure is very ancient.

The food in Phuket is very varied, especially unique and impressive with street food. In any street or market, you can easily buy a good meal for approximately $3. It is so wonderful to try ice cream sandwiches, Khao Lam, Kanom Krok, Kao Tom Mud or coconut milk pumpkin custard. Their price is not too expensive.

The coffee shops are also famous in Phuket. Coffee Talk is such like that. Located in Thavorn Palm Beach Resort Phuket, Coffee Talk is one of Phuket’s most wonderful places to catch sunsets or sunrise on the sea. Especially, mango cake at Coffee Talk is worth trying! Next, Cafe’in coffee is also a wonderful experience. It is next to Thaihua museum with Ao-Aew dessert. This is a very attractive dessert in Phuket made of jelly, syrup, ice and red beans. The addition of lemon and honey makes this dessert become exclusive. “A little sweet” is another nice cafe for you to enjoy if you are bored with Thai food. “A little sweet” serves a variety of Japanese desserts not only delicious but also beautiful.

Phuket will be more meaningful if you travel with your family or lover in “honeymoon”. Let’s go to Phuket and enjoy the holiday.

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