How Much Does it Cost to Visit Myanmar?

Emotionally money doesn’t matter if something is giving happiness to you but practically money matters because it is a thing which makes you survive.

So it is better to prepare a budget because starting Myanmar tourism so that you will be able to explore the country under budget or we can say without ruining your budget. We believe everything has a budget if you’re traveling to somewhere if you’re renovating your house if you’re buying a property or anything else and the budget depends on the cost and expenses you’re going to face further.

In this case, to prepare a budget you need to look at the cost of the thing you’re taking and if you’re making a budget for Myanmar tour then you need to take a view about the cost of Myanmar tour. We will help you in preparing your budget by generalizing the cost of different things like transportation cost, hotel etc. so that you will get some glimpse of the expenses you’re going to face and you will be to make your budget accordingly.

Journey to Myanmar

The cost of traveling to Myanmar and coming back to your place depends on your home city or the city from which you’re traveling to Myanmar. On the other hand, the tourism expenses depend on the type of traveler you are. If you’re an economical traveler who can travel with adjustments, then it costs you less and if you’re a standard traveler who cannot adjust then you have to pay more for getting your comfort.

In a journey to Myanmar, we cannot figure out the exact budget or even generalize it because it depends on your origin, what mode you take and the fares of the mode. In this case, you must explore the Internet and find the best mode of transportation from your origin to Myanmar and which mode offering the best price.

Local Mode of Transportation

Now when you reach Myanmar, you will be in need of the conveyance for sure to travel from one place to another within the country. In this case, if you’re an economical person then we would recommend you to prefer public transport more than private cabs or private mode. It will save the money and will give you the feeling of Burmese.

If you’re traveling from Yangon airport to the city center from Taxi then it may cost you $10, also if you take bus from Yangon to Malaymine, it may cost $10. The bus from Dawei to Myeik approximately cost $6 and bus from Yangon to Kalaw cost $11, as a whole local transportation will cost you comparatively lesser to private transportation.


Now it is a time to take a view about the hotels where you will stay and have some relief from whole day tourism in Myanmar. In Myanmar, a low budget hotel room cost $25 and a bed in a dorm cost something $10. You can have a bottle of beer in $2 and can relish your stay in a hotel with best services and accommodation. There are different types of hotels in Myanmar for different budgets. If you can adjust, then you can book a low budget hotel to save your money and spend on other fun.

Food and Drink

You’ll surely be like to taste the delicious and distinct dishes of Myanmar, and also to gain some energy. So let us tell you that food and drink cost $10 per day in Myanmar. It depends on you what kind of restaurant you prefer, either a 5-star restaurant or street food but for common people and for common food, it cost around $10 for food and drink and Myanmar.


Your journey is worthless if you do not purchase the antique items from Myanmar made from exceptional artistic skills and culture. Buddha images, sculpture, and spectacular longyi as an outfit of Myanmar, all are going to seek your attention and going to make you buy to bring the tradition and culture of Myanmar to your home. In this case, you must have a budget. Well, the handmade item may costs you more but you should not bargain with the art and skills of the highly talented makers.

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