Must – check in Spots during The Trip to Phu Quy Island

The dramatic cliffs of “weird” shapes on the peak of Cao Cat Moutain, Phu Quy Island has “overwhelmed” tourists at the first time of visiting.

Phu Quy Island 1

Located about 120 kilometers from the city of Phan Thiet, the exhilarating small Phu Quy Island fascinates tourists by “untouched” scenery that has not been impacted by professional travel services. It might be the reason why it is becoming one of the hottest destinations to young travelers, especially those who are engaged in admiring and exploring unspoiled landscapes.

Phu Quy Island 2

Traveling the amazing Phu Quy Island, tourists should definitely grasp their time to visit the ancient Linh Son Pagoda situated at the top of Cao Cat Mountain, at an altitude of 106 meters above sea level. The sacred pagoda is characterized by unique architecture, so you surely capture “one – of – all – kind” moments and pictures when standing here.

Phu Quy Island 3

The local residents considered Cao Cat Mountain as a sacred mountain in the north of the island. It features the statue of Buddha Guan Yin standing proud at the top of the mountain.

Phu Quy Island 4

From the top of Cao Cat Mountain, you can hold panoramic views of the breath – taking scenery of the immense blue sky, spectacular mountains and forests, fishing boats floating at the middle of the sea, and the bustling Phu Quy Port.

Phu Quy Island 5
Additionally, the island was naturally favored unique layered cliffs, that make it different from the mountain ranges heading out to the sea.

Phu Quy Island 6

Thus, Linh Son Pagoda and Cao Cat Mountain have been ranked top “must – visit” destination during your unforgettable journey to the charming Phu Quy Island.

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