Luxury Holiday & Vacation Experiences in Vietnam

At least once in your life, try one of the travel experiences below to see life still more worthwhile to enjoy.
For many people, travel is not just a relaxing getaway, getting back energy after a busy day, but also the opportunity to enjoy luxury amenities. If you have a chance, try one of the travel experiences below.

Experience helicopter service by Reverie Saigon

According to Times Square Investment Corporation, the company has co-operated with the Southern Helicopter Company (VNH South) to use luxury helicopters to transport clients, including guests staying at the Saigon Reverie Hotel. The flight route departs from the lane of Times Square to Tan Son Nhat International Airport (TSN) and vice versa. It is known that each such trip is about 4-5 guests, although not announced the specific price for a passenger but it’s certainly not cheap.

Vietnam 1

Times Square Investment Corporation also said that the transportation was not limited to guests staying at the Saigon Reverie Hotel, moving to Tan Son Nhat Airport and vice versa, but also for all those who wish to use the service. Passengers who wish to take part in the flight only need to contact the service provider in advance.

Sightseeing Ha Long Bay by seaplane

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Seaplane is definitely a new means of transportation to many Vietnameses. Currently only Hai Au Airlines is the first private airline to provide seaplane service with high-flying sightseeing services in Vietnam. Experience the scenic view of Ha Long Bay from the seaplane will help you enjoy the beautiful view from the plane and record the memorable moments of Halong Bay from 150 to 3,000 meters above sea level.

Overnight on a 5 star cruise in Halong

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Have you ever experienced and enjoy the magic feeling when watching the sunset in Halong Bay on the deck of the immense wave or catch the first rays of sunshine on the sea? Guests will easily experience these when choosing to stay overnight on the 5-star cruise on Halong Bay. Yachting on the bay as well as a miniature hotel, also has its own room, with clean mattress blankets, air conditioning, and a private bathroom. Interesting that you can just relax in the room and open the window you will see the mountains, the majestic water, the fish, the jellyfish swimming right under the window of the room and at night. Come on, you can also board the ship watching the stars, watching the sea at night.

Explore Son Doong cave

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Since it was discovered, Son Doong cave has saved his name on the list of top destinations. Currently, to participate in the world’s largest cave tour, besides having to wait quite long because the number of tourists will be limited, the tour price is very expensive, about 3,000 USD per guest. However, compensating for the trek through the deepest cave in the world will be a truly unique trip, unlike any thing you have ever experienced. Have you ever imagined inside a cave that could hold a Boeing 747? This is indeed a great masterpiece of nature, beyond the imagination with stalactites stalagmites, giant stalagmites hanging from the ceiling of the cave or rising from the ground, seen from afar looking like extraterrestrial creatures with strange shapes.

Check-in at the luxury resorts

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Speaking of travel experiences, it is indispensable to experience the quality of the high-end resort. Quality service, beautiful design, modern amenities, overflowing pools, restaurants with impressive decor and delicious food are served… All seems to be created to make you feel that the life is so worth to live. In Vietnam, there are many high class resorts that are highly recommended by travelers, for example: Amanoi Ninh Thuan, InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort, JW Marriott Phu Quoc, Six Senses Con Dao, Naman Retreat Danang …