Important things to keep while travelling

Whether it’s time for your next vacation or if you are going on a office trip, you need some essentials with you to make your trip easier. That is why, packing for any trip is very important.

You have to keep everything important and at the same time you have to maintain the space also. For every trip, different backpacks are required but you can also buy a Swissgear backpack which you can use on different trips as well.

Also, if you are traveling alone, try to pack smart and not go for light packing as you have to prepare yourself for every scenario that can set you back on your journey. So, while packing, start with the most important things first and things which can server more than one purpose if possible.

Make a checklist:

Checklist is very important as you can easily forget important things and that can create a lot of problems for you while travelling. A general list will include clothing, important papers, maps/GPS, shoes, toiletries, books (if you like reading).

It is also better to plan what you will wear while travelling so you can pack according to that. Keep in mind that you might not get a chance to wash your clothes so it is better to pack some extra clothes for every situation.

Choose your main luggage:

Try to choose a luggage that will be lightweight and big enough to keep all your things safe while travelling. A broken bag with broken handle or zipper will give you a very hard time so, it’s better to be safe from the start.

Now, there are many different types of luggages such as four-wheel luggage, duffel bag, travel backpack, sling bag (for small items) and wheeled backpack.

If you are going for a short trip only, then choose sling bag and any small backpack but if you are planning a long vacation then it’s better to choose wheeled backpacks or big travel backpacks.

Organizing the stuff:

It is very important to organize your things properly else you can lose a lot of things easily. Bring some empty plastic bags so if you won’t have the time to wash your clothes, you can just put them in the plastic bag and wash them once you reach your home.

To organize properly, start with packing big items on the bottom so that lighter items can be kept on top. Keep everything organized by keeping them in compartments or zippers. Use folders to keep the important papers safe and handy.

If possible, avoid bulky items like sweaters and jackets and try to pack lightweight items only as bulky sweaters add unnecessary weight to the overall luggage.

Very important: First aid kit

Now you don’t have to pack a big first aid kit or keep everything related, just pack a small kit having some essentials such as necessary pills and medicines, band aids and some other important things which you might need in any situation.

Keep some allergy pills also as who knows if the weather of where you are going will suit you or not. And if you are having some on going medications, keep the prescription as well, just in case if you need it.

Your personal handbag:

While keeping all the things in the bags, don’t forget to prepare a small handbag having some of your personal items which you might need while travelling. You can have a small duffel bag or a handy sling bag whichever you like and with which you are more comfortable.

You can keep your mobile, charger, laptop/iPad/Kindle, headphones, cameras, adapters, travel pillow, some books, a water bottle, map/GPS in the daypack/personal handbag.

Important documents:

Start by collecting all the important travel documents first and then arranging them properly in a handy folder. Important documents may include your passport/visas, credit cards, insurance documents, some cash, tickets, ID etc. And keep all these things very safe as you can get into a lot of trouble if you lose any of the things.

It’s important to double check all your documents such as your passports and IDs once in a while so that you can have a peace of mind. Also, to be on a safe side, email yourself all the important documents, so if anything happens to them you’ll be able to access them online.

Pack some snacks as well:

Even if you are not going for a very long vacation, it’s always a good idea to pack some snacks long bus/train/car rides. And at some places, it can be very difficult to find food which you can eat.

Also, if you any delicate things with you such as any glass material then keep them in the bubble wrapping or in between clothes to make sure they arrive with you in one piece.