Suggestion the List of Homestays in Hoi An

An Bang Seaside Village, Hoi An

Located on an extremely favorable location, facing the sea, the entrance is the starting gateway of the residential area, An Bang Seaside Village is a lovely homestay with youthful, fresh colors and full of energy.

Homestays in Hoi An 1

This Homestay has 8 rooms with garden view, sea view or sea view. The design of the rooms is rustic and simple but full of all amenities such as a luxury resort in the sea. With the pure white color of the lime wall is pressed with the blue paint painted fresh doors make the room becomes subtle, lovely.

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In front of each room type, the homestay owner cleverly arranges relaxing tables and chairs to read tea or read books or simply watch the sea, inhaling the fresh air in a pleasant atmosphere. Although homestay area is not too big, but here you will feel the cohesion of design space and green nature. Therefore, the atmosphere of the house is always cool, fresh, very pleasant.

Red Flower Cottage Homestay, Hoi An

Homestays in Hoi An 3

Red Flower Cottage impresses visitors by the green garden, which is well-dressed and homeowners have skillful arrangement of tables and chairs to rest, drink lovely water. Under the blazing sun of Central Vietnam, you will still feel cool, soothing under the greenery of the homestay’s small garden. Rooms are well-equipped to help you relax, relax after a bath or enjoy a walk on the white sand.

Although only 5 beautiful bedrooms, but with the advantage of just a 2 minute walk to the beach, this small homestay will surely satisfy even the most demanding guests. Rooms at the Red Flower are painted with thatched roof, creating a more natural and architectural style, but the rooms are very modern and sophisticated.

Homestays in Hoi An 4

Red Flower Cottage has a communal kitchen with full kitchenware. You can enjoy the fresh seafood at the market and prepare it here for delicious meals, hygiene and savings for the whole family. Red Flower Cottage Homestay is well suited for traveling with family and especially family with children. As well as room service available, there is baby-sitting service and other support services such as grocery shopping, cooking…

The Hoi An Hippie House, Hoi An

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Homestays in Hoi An 6

Just a few minutes walk from An Bang beach, located in block 5 of An Bang – Quang Nam, The Hoi An Hippie House is a place for those who like quiet space, away from the noise of the city.

An Bang Beach Hideaway Homestay, Hoi An

Being one of the homestay favorite foreigners in An Bang, An Bang Beach Hideaway has a very “Western” style, simple, close to nature but still full of amenities necessary for living.

Homestays in Hoi An 7

Homestay is very interesting in that it is located in the residential area but close to the sea, just a 10 minute walk to the central beach area with a variety of restaurants close to the sea delicious and clean. Step out at the homestay door you will follow a small village road, with soaring green casuarina, leading to the wild, extremely beautiful beaches.

Homestays in Hoi An 8

An Bang Beach Hideaway creates the excitement for visitors with unique, fancy and impressive decor. You will see first-hand the “unlike” decorations at this homestay, but this is also a striking feature that makes foreigners love this place. An Bang Beach Hideaway has a very spacious and airy front yard. This courtyard is a good place to set up a set of tables and chairs, where many guests eat breakfast or afternoon tea.

Maison De Tau, Hoi An

Homestays in Hoi An 9

Located in Nguyen Dinh Chieu street, Hoi An city, Maison de Tau carries a vintage space with light green corners that anyone who comes here must love at first sight.

Maison De Tau (French: my house) is literally a lovely house that brings the soul of Hoi An with a quiet, peaceful space in a dazzling courtyard. In Maison, blue is everywhere.

Homestays in Hoi An 10

Lovely gardens are not uncommon in Maison De Tau, in the midst of the green of the trees are the colorful flowers colorful points to revitalize the garden. Any little corner here is beautiful and tranquil. The interior design style in Maison De Tau style nostalgic so visitors will feel the closeness, familiar and cozy, can hide in the quiet garden or relax in the beautiful room.

An Bang Garden Homestay, Hoi An

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Approximately 3 minutes walk from An Bang beach, An Bang Garden Homestay is like a small house amid a lovely garden, fresh and airy. Here, the visitors have only one option for the only room type, the garden view bedroom. But because the front of the house is very airy, the bedroom is always full of sunshine, cool breeze and fragrance of plants.

Homestays in Hoi An 12

The bedroom of this homestay is simple, comfortable and modern. Not so sophisticated in decorating, An Bang Garden Homestay still makes visitors feel satisfied by the arrangement of furniture, the corners to relax are very reasonable and delicate.

Common spaces are homeowners make full use of both tourists rest, drink water, as well as beautify the homestay. You can see reclining chairs, water tables set in many places in the homestay. Therefore, visitors enjoy chatting, relax together and enjoy the fresh air and green scenery, lovely homestay.

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