Exploring The Stunning Hon Ngu Island, Nghe An

Although the untouched Hon Ngu Island has not been much popular with tourists, it promises to “overwhelm” those who get there for the first time.

Hon Ngu Island 1

When mentioning famous tourist attractions in central region of the country, we would probably think of Ly Son island, Cham Island (Cu Lao Cham), and Ky Co island. Get there, we can stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city to indulge ourselves into the charming nature. However, you definitely do all these things when setting foot in the unspoiled island in the sunny and windy Nghe An named Hon Ngu Island.

Hon Ngu Island 2

Located off the coast of Nghe An province, just 4 kilometers from Cua Lo beach, Hon Ngu island is divided into 2 islets, of which the large one is 133 meters high and the other is 88 meters high. There is one thing interesting that the locals it Song Ngu islands because of the short distance of these two islets. To reach this destination, you need to get on a boat or canoes priced 180,000 VND per person. You will depart at Lan Chau port or Cua Lo beach.

Hon Ngu Island 3

Because the island remains unspoiled, it is undoubtedly an ideal destination for those who are engaged in exploring the sea and nature. Featuring the stone beach stretching over kilometers and “sculptured” by the passing of time and the erosion of wave, these stone becomes smooth and round in various sizes. If you are engrossed with taking photos, especially check in ones, you should definitely make a visit to this amazing stone beach. It promises to provide you with “one – of – all – kind” pictures to prove that you set foot in the island this summer.

Hon Ngu Island 4

Get there, you have a chance to go trekking around the island and enjoy fresh breezes blowing from the sea. Then, you might go to the west of the island to visit Ngu Pagoda (Bai Chua) – an ancient pagoda built in the 13th century, including the Upper and Lower Pagodas. It’s worth mentioning that the pagoda has preserved and conserved an amazing well called the God Well which has fresh water all year round.

Hon Ngu Island 5

After wandering around the island, you might go to the cobblestone beach in the north of the island to immerse in the fresh blue sea water, get on a boat for squid fishing, visit the fish farm, enjoy fresh seafood, etc.

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