Explore Ninh Thuan – The Land of Wind and Sunshine

Regarding to Ninh Thuan, people immediately remember the land of the harsh sunshine and wind, but the land itself has a charming beauty that must be thoroughly explored, new people understand. Not only architectural works associated with the long history, the natural beauty of Ninh Thuan will be attractive to any visitors.

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Po Krong Garai Cham Tower

The Cham tower, also known as the Po Krong Garai tower, is a complex of three towers built around the end of the 13th and early 14th centuries, located on Trau hill, about 7km west of Phan Rang city. This is a unique architecture, typical of Champa people.

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The main gate of the tower is a dome-shaped, hands-like jamboree. The towers are constructed of dark red baked brick linked by an extremely strong non-mortar binder. To this day, scientists have not found this wonderful binder. The majority of the tower is square, the interior space is narrow, the door facing east – towards the sunrise. Inside the tower there is a stone altar. Outside the tower, carved images of goddesses, dancers, birds, flowers.

Champa Tower is a symbol of the unique Champa culture. Through the historical ups and downs, Cham towers still stand there, solidly as witnesses always silently watching the city of Ninh Thuan.

Hang Rai (Rai Cave)

Located 35 km northeast of Phan Rang, Hang Rai is in Thai An village, Vinh Hai commune, Ninh Hai district is a famous tourist destination of Ninh Thuan province.

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No white sand stretches like many other seas, but Hang Rai attracts visitors by its unique landscape. The sandy beaches are large rocks, many shapes piled on top of a giant coral reefs thousands of years old. The Mother Nature’s inadvertent arrangement makes this place look unspoiled and beautiful. In the months between November and March, visitors can capture the beautiful moments of cliff-breaking waves or mossy green moss on ancient coral reefs.

Vinh Hy Bay

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You can take the provincial road 702, 42 km north-east of Phan Rang city, follow the Ngoan Muc mountain pass along the cliff, one side is romantic Vinh Hy Bay. Feeling from the peak of the view of the view of the ocean is a cool ocean, just like with just the hand of the sea. Vinh Hy appears as a beautiful, generous goddess. Blue sea water, colorful coral reefs and fresh seafood. In addition, guests can also participate in games such as surfing, scuba diving.

Nui Chua National Park

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Dubbed the “African Forest” in Vietnam, Nui Chua is the national park with the highest natural diversity in Vietnam. National Park has an area of nearly 30000 ha, 57 km length with a very rich ecosystem of species. Come here, you can camp, explore, climb mountains and explore nature. In the national park there are many species recorded in the Red Book. Especially, due to its proximity to the coast, Nui Chua is also home to the rare blue sea turtle. Every year, the time from June to August is when the turtles come to shore laying eggs. You can register with the Nui Chua ranger to support the breeding turtle, learn this interesting phenomenon.

Ca Na Beach

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Located at the southern gateway of Ninh Thuan, Ca Na is the intersection of four transport routes: road, waterway, rail and air. Sea water in green as turquoise jade, attractive fresh seafood. Besides, Ca Na salt field is also one of the salt basins of the whole country. You can ask for directions to salt fields, learn about salt making, join salt makers, or simply take some beautiful pictures in the salt field.

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