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In addition to possessing the bath attracting a large number of domestic and foreign visitors, Vung Tau also has many other interesting tourist destinations. Guests can make a trip to discover 18 Vung Tau tourist destinations. This city is an ideal destination for those wishing to have a trip around Saigon on weekends or holidays. Travelers will have a trip that will save money and have memorable experiences. Here are tips on 18 stops in Vung Tau that we would recommend to you.
10 destinations to visit in Vung Tau:


1. Hon Ba island

Hon Ba is a small island in the back of the city of Vung Tau. With an area of 5,000m2, this island is home to the Temple of Hon Ba, an important historical site of the locality. On the full moon or the first day, local people as well as visitors often come to burn incense in this small shrine. To reach Hon Ba, visitors wait for the low tide to clear the path. You can go along this rocky road to Hon Ba Island.

2. White Rabbit Park

Open to welcome visitors from 2015, White Rabbit Park is a famous playground in Vung Tau. Situated close to the famous Thuy Van, White Rabbit Park has a number of attractive games such as Termina Tor, Spider Man, Wheel, rocking chair, rocking boat … These are the strongest games that will bring you thrilling experience.

3. Lighthouse

Situated on a small mountain peak of Vung Tau city, the lighthouse is also an indispensable stop when touring the city. To reach the lighthouse, visitors will have to endure the path up the mountain winding. At the top of the tower, visitors will be able to capture the image of Vung Tau in the panoramic view. With tall buildings, crescent shaped beach and many other interesting sights.

4. Green Rock Lake (Da Xanh Lake)

Being one of the lesser-known destinations in Vung Tau, Da Xanh Lake is considered a relatively new destination. Located in Tan Thanh district near Dinh mountain slope, Da Xanh lake is a unique shooting point. Arrive here, visitors can stand from above to admire the beauty of the lake or go directly to the lake area to take pictures. However, according to travel experience Vung Tau is shared by many people, Da Xanh Lake is quite dangerous so visitors should not bath here.

5. Hill of Pigs

Located in the back beach of Vung Tau, formerly known as a rock mine. Today, this place has become a stop for many young travelers to travel to choose from beautiful scenery with beautiful view. With a strange name, not many visitors come here just for curiosity. Visitors can come here to save their memorable moments with their friends.

6. Vong Nguyet Beach

As one of Vung Tau’s pristine beaches, Vong Nguyet is at the foot of Little Mountain and can be seen from the viewpoint of the statue of Christ. This beach has very clear water and waves, visitors can come here for walks and enjoy the sea breeze. The road to the beach is quite difficult, so this place is really only for those who like to explore and experience.

7. Statue of Christ


Many visitors to Vung Tau want to visit the statue of Christ once. Those who have the opportunity to travel this coastal city often choose the Christ statue as a place to photograph and admire Vung Tau from above. The statue of Lord is 32m high and the length of the two arms is 18.4m. Visitors must cross 133 stairs inside the statue to reach the two arms, beautiful sightseeing.

8. Suoi O Beach

The Suoi O Beach is also known as Song Lo Beach, located in Binh Chau, Xuyen Moc, Ba Ria – Vung Tau. This destination is unique because there are fresh water streams and the sea is quite close together. At this point, you will find two blue waterlines lying parallel to each other.

9. Bai Sau Beach

Bai Sau is a popular beach for tourists to visit in Vung Tau City. With beautiful coastline, few waves are suitable for tourists to enjoy swimming and playing with friends and relatives. Bai Sau is home to a large number of hotels and restaurants offering a wide variety of Vung Tau tourist specialties, so many visitors choose to stay here when traveling to Vung Tau.

10. Suoi Tien stream

True to Tien stream name, this destination is one of the charming scenery of Vung Tau. Renowned for its beauty, Tien stream is an ideal destination for those who love nature and want to experience a trip with tenting activities, bathing in the stream and enjoying barbeque. This destination promises to bring visitors great moments of relaxation.

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