Experience What You Deserve Plus a Little More of Your Hotel Stay

Staying in a hotel for a staycation or a vacation with your loved ones is a good way to knock off the exhaustion and stresses from the busy weekdays. Even when you are just alone, it’s a great way to relax and take a pause from the world of work and responsibilities. What a nice time to spend with yourself or with the people dear to you.

One of the common challenges hotel guests like you face is finding out how to make the most out of their stay in the hotel while being able to use their time wisely and productively, experiencing the value of what they pay for. Usually, what makes the struggle realer is time. It’s hard when you don’t just want to make your hotel room plainly a place of sleep, yet you want to sleep and maximize the use of your time as well.


To help you with this kind of dilemma, here are x ways you must know and do (or at least try?) to make the most out of your hotel stay.


Time is indeed gold. It counts in what you pay for to the hotel. It is very important that you know your check-in time and get in the hotel at that moment — but it’s not always being just on time because you can also go in earlier than designated. If you arrive on time, the tendency is you’ll have to fix your stuff and other guest concerns within the time you should already be resting on the superbly soft bed in your hotel room.

Hotels are kinder than you think, so don’t hesitate to just ask for a favorable or agreeable extension if you want or need to. Truly, it’d be easier to request such if you are a regular client, but do not worry because even if it’s your first time, you can simply and kindly ask. This is a time-saving trick that can save you from not getting enough of your hotel stay.


Although it is not highly required, I recommend that it is so important that you know what you’re getting yourself into (literally “getting into” the hotel). Make sure you don’t just randomly book a room in a hotel you’re not very familiar with. Get to know it by doing your research. You can visit their website (which hotels surely have today) to directly inquire or look for reviews about them. Take note of their facilities and specialties.

Sometimes, the hotel may not specify their rooms and other amenities thinking that you’re aware already, so it is important that you know its features. You’ll be able to make use of your rights as a guest by knowing the accessible and amazing amenities waiting for you.


Just like in buffet restaurants, hotels also have special tokens or perks (in any form, such as food or service) for those who have something to celebrate. Be it birthdays, wedding anniversaries, someone’s recent graduation or any event relevant to you and to your companions. They might also sing a birthday song specially from them to you. You deserve any gift because aside from it’s free, it’s “your day”, so don’t be hesitant to take advantage of it.


If you feel like the hotel room lacks some things you need like toothbrushes, towels, pillows or blankets, do not be reluctant to ask if they can provide another piece or extras for you. Especially if you need hygienic stuff, and you don’t want to go out of the hotel anymore to buy from a convenience store, ask. Most likely, they have those necessary stuff usually left at home and not placed in carry-on bags to save space.

Hotels know what guests most likely bring and not bring. Although they do not announce that they have various extras of hotel room stuff, they have it just in case guests would request. You can borrow things like chargers, umbrellas and mats.


Some people are shy to bring consumable hotel stuff with them as they leave the hotel. Some think it’s cheap to do that, but did you know that there’s nothing wrong with it? You booked and paid for that hotel room, thus, you can use what’s inside.

If it’s consumable, then it means that hotel staff wouldn’t be surprised if there’s none of it left in the bathroom simply because it is meant to be used. Consumable stuff in the hotel include shampoos, conditioners, soaps, sanitary napkins and tissue. Other non-consumable stuff which you may also take home include toothbrushes because it is of personal use. No problem with taking those little, personal and consumable stuff because they will just be thrown away by the hotel staff after you check out..


Probably one of the most impractical ways to not make the most out of your hotel stay is not using any of the special amenities the hotel has, such as the swimming pool, the gym, the spa, the roofdeck and other important and extraordinary assets and services of the hotel. Use the television, love the air condition, lie on the bed, cook with the expensive oven, use the bath tub. You got to get the laziness out of your system if you want to have real fun. Explore what they have. Make use of what they offer (especially if there are no extra charges that go with them)!


There you have it! 6 ways to take if you want to be able use your whole time in the hotel for productivity and better use. Make your hotel stay not only a simple “stay” but also something practically worth-remembering. With these tips, you can experience what you deserve plus a little more of it.


Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for Holiday Inn Parramatta, a five-star hotel in located in Parramatta, New South Wales (Australia). For Nicole, the beauty of this world is just breathtaking, astounding and something worth-sharing. She’s amazed with how the Creator has made and designed it. | Because of the course she took up in college, she has become interested in film critiquing and filmmaking. She is into events hosting and voice over acting and hosting. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts. “To God be all the glory”

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