See what to do and What Not to Do in Myanmar

Every country has its own culture and values which all citizens follow. But when any stranger visits the country in the form of a tourist, it is a moral duty to follow their culture and values until you’re roaming on their land as a tourist. This is what we call “Etiquettes” An etiquettes teach you to respect other country’s values and culture so that someone will respect yours country culture whenever he or she will visit your country.

Do and Don't in Myanmar

Even the legends, politicians, and leaders get into the culture and values of the country whenever they visit. So you should be a well-mannered tourist who respects the values and culture of Myanmar. Myanmar is a country of cultures and values, they have certain values which all people follow, so if you’re going to Myanmar for your next trip, then you must follow do’s and don’ts to spend a “well-mannered” vacations in Myanmar.

Do’s and Don’ts in Myanmar


Way to Call

Whenever you meet someone belongs to Myanmar or Burma, greet them by calling “Mingalaba”, Mingalaba is a way of greeting whenever you meet or saying goodbye to someone. It means both Hello and Goodbye. Also, if you’re calling a female name, use “Daw” before the name and “U” in case of male.


Burmese wear traditional dresses like Longyi and they’re very conscious about the dress, so your outfit should be decent, nicely dressed and long instead of yoga pant, or short skirts. You can wear longyi and other light dress if you want to feel comfortable.

Photography Ethics

Myanmar is a country of Pagodas and temples where you find masterpiece of art and sculpture and also some monks doing yoga and meditation, in this time, you must ask to take photograph of the moment either you’re capturing the sculpture, architecture or yogi. This is a manner that you’re respecting and not disturbing the meditator.

Calmness and Light voice

Whenever you’re talking to your co-traveller or talking to any Burmese either generally or for city guidance, your voice must be light and in a respected manner either it is an elder or young one. Also, keep calmness in your personality. Burmese are so sweet and calm in terms of conversation and voice, so keep in mind.

Money Exchange

In case of currency exchange, exchange the money by authorized money exchangers instead of black market. This will help you in further.

Participate in Festivals

Burmese is a country of festivals which are difficult to see in other countries and Burmese feels good when tourist participate in their festivals, in this case, participate in festivals and enjoy staying in Burma.


Disrespecting Lord Buddha

You must keep it in mind not to practice anything that can disrespect the prestige and greatness of Lord Buddha in Myanmar. Burmese worship Buddha as a lord, so do not try to disrespect in any manner either intentionally or unintentionally.

Going to Restricted Areas

Myanmar contains several restricted areas where common people accessing are not allowed. In this case, you need to get permission from the authority prior visiting such areas. So do not visit restricted areas.

Eve-Teasing or Women Disrespect

Although this is not comical in Myanmar, it’s a universal etiquette not to eve-tease any women physically or emotionally. So if you are going to Myanmar with such intention then change your intention strongly.

Entering Pagodas and Temples Wearing Shoes

Do not enter into the pagodas and temples with shoes or footwear, it is not acceptable or it may hurt the emotions of Burmese. If you do so, then be ready to pay the fine or legal actions.

Disrespecting Monks

You’ll find several monks in Myanmar doing meditation or focusing. If you find, then firstly do not make noise or talk loud or misbehave. Do not ruin their focus or insult while they’re focusing and meditating.

Disrespecting Sculpture and Images

You will find unique piece of art and sculpture in Myanmar which you can buy to bring home. But do not disrespect the art and images by putting into or onto anywhere that is not good.

Ruining the Architecture

Do not ruin the beautiful architecture of Myanmar by throwing dust. Also, do not make dust or spread dust by throwing empty water bottles or food item here and there at the pagodas, temples or other attractions of Myanmar.

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