Cycling Tour Mekong Delta Ben Tre

Thanks to two “one- of- all-kind” activities, you definitely laugh till you cry when setting foot in Lan Vuong Resort, Ben Tre.

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Talking about the famous tourist attractions in the Western region of Vietnam, many people probably immediately think of the immense Tram Chim national park, the thick melaleuca forests or beautiful fruit gardens. Additionally, Lan Vuong resort in Ben Tre is definitely worth mentioning. Distinctly featured with two games of “laughing till you cry”, including cycling through foot bridges and crossing the river in group by a rope, this place promises to give you memorable experiences during your journey to the beautiful Mien Tay.

If you can not imagine how these games really are, spend few minutes watching two clips below. Then, I’m sure that you will get there with a bunch of your close friends at the weekend right away.

Mekong Delta Ben Tre 2

Lan Vuong Resort is located in Ben Tre City, on Provincial Road 887, just 90 km from Saigon. Originated from the unspoiled farmlands, this area has been designed to build a riverside resort, in which the small river stretches the entire area. Visiting Lan Vuong, you do not only have chances to taste the tasteful dishes, but also enjoy the cool airy space surrounded by green fruits garden, bonsai tree garden, and simple rowing boats. These things definitely attribute to creating the charming and poetic scenery.

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Being a guest of Lan Vuong resort, you can explore the natural environment for picnicking, river cruising, going fishing, and enjoying famous local fruits such as grapefruits, An Phuoc plums, Hoa Loc mangoes, coconuts, etc. Moreover, you have an opportunity to engage in Don Ca Tai Tu (local traditional Arts, an indispensable spiritual cultural activity in festivals, death anniversary rituals and celebrations like weddings, birthday parties, etc. In this type of Arts, instrumentalists and singers express their feelings by improvising, ornamenting and varying “skeletal melody” and main rhythmic patterns of these pieces, based on twenty principal songs and seventy-two classical songs. Most significantly, Don Ca Tai Tu is handed down through oral transmission, based on imitation, from master to student, according to UNESCO) and karaoke activities. You can also saunter around shops that offer handicraft items, enjoy “unique” special foods served by experienced chefs and friendly and hospitable staff.

Many culture, sport, and tourism events take place in this amazing resort. It is quite an ideal destination to organize campings, public arts festivals, cuisine workshops, relaxation spots or even normal meetings. Noticeably, Lan Vuong Resort was the venue for the 2012 Coconut Festival, which also hosted the background for actress Viet Trinh’s famous film, named “Tro Ve” (Returning).

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Services currently offered at Lan Vuong Resort:

– Watching Don Ca Tai Tu performances

– Rowing on the river stretching 750 meters

– Singing Karaoke, watching Guitar performances

– Catching fishes, crabs and snails on farm

– Casting fishing net

– Visiting the garden of green- skin grapefruits

– Watching flowers, especially apricot blossoms

– Visiting hybrid pig farm, goat farm where feed pigs and goats by vegetables and fruits

– Collecting various fruits such as An Phuoc plum, Taiwanese mango, jackfruit, etc.

– Going camping

– Organizing conferences, weddings, parties, birthday, team building, etc.

– And many other interesting games.

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