The most common myths about Myanmar Travel

Myanmar is one of the fastest developing countries in the world. Every year we see someone talking about the place, and then it’s something new and about a couple of more development.  The place is quite good, and you must go there if you are looking to have some great time with your family this time in the vacations.

Tourism in Myanmar is growing at a good rate. In 2014 there was an announcement of the e-visa scheme, which is quite great, and even they allowed tourists to enter via the Thailand border, which is quite good and made things easier for the tourists.

Myanmar travel tips

You might have heard many bad things about the places, and today we are going to solve some of the Myths about the place, which will help you to get a better idea about the place, and you will not be miss-guided.

Touring in Myanmar must be done in groups

There is nothing to be afraid of as such. Maybe earlier that must have been a case as such, but now even the Myanmar government is serious about the tourism, and hence Independent travel also is quite safe and easy. Local people of the place were friendly and in case you are lost then they were happy enough to guide you to the place you need. Traveling alone also have its own advantages, and you can easily go to some local places and spread your dollar further.

Avoid Trains

There were some rumors from people about Myanmar, that someone’s compartment was separated off the tracks, and he landed up in the middle of the forest. It is quite acceptable that the place has a very old train system, but that is what suits the place and nature, you can enjoy the beauty of the place and enjoy the fresh air in the slow moving train.

Finding ATM is a hectic task

Each and every place is getting modernized, and this is not something we must forget. Myanmar is also getting modern and there are plenty of ATM’s now with your Visa card can be used each and everywhere. Maybe this was something people used to be afraid of years ago and used to get some US dollars to work over there. But as far as today’s condition is to be considered, there are plenty of ATMs in every city and town there in Myanmar.

Traveling is cheaper in Myanmar

People who are spreading such rumors need to stop it, because at places we have seen when it’s an off-season say a rainy season then prices decreases, but here the case was different, and if we have to travel, we have to pay a price equivalent to of 4 people, even if you are just 2 people traveling. Even the price for food is cheap neither and is far most costly than that what we find in northern Thailand.

No WiFi during Myanmar travel

Another rumor about the place and even people going there usually drop their laptops and other things at home, to carry fewer loads, and eventually have an Internet free holiday. But the case now is different, and almost in every hotel, and café you are going to get free WiFi and even the speeds are good, that you can upload a full 2 GB file over to YouTube.

Local People are not good to talk

People who might have visited earlier use to tell, about the nature of people being not good, and we must not reach out to them for any help. But many times you might have got the wrong set of people or something like that. It’s not the case now, and if you are going there, then you might have people approaching you to have a nice talk. People there usually allow you to take their photographs to spread their culture and way of living, hence have no shame overall.

Overall these were some of the myths which we solved up for you, and Myanmar is quite a good place for you to visit. You must surely visit and let us know your experience in the comment section.

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