Why Choose Serviced Apartments for your Staycation

Summer vacation is right around the corner. Families and friends are surely planning for trips everywhere to make the most of it. If you plan on just relaxing and staying indoors somewhere away from your home, then a great way of doing so would be by staying in a serviced apartment.

Serviced apartments in Manila are basically fully furnished apartments that are available to be rented. Though it is a little less popular to the public, the world of corporate travel has seen and made use of the convenience that these serviced apartments bring. If you’re planning to have your own staycation sometime soon, here’s a list of reasons why you should choose serviced apartments instead.

Why Choose Serviced Apartments for your Staycation


Typical hotel rooms provide you with a luxury of amenities in the room, such as a TV, a bed, a fridge for your drink and the like. Serviced apartments give more than just these things and it makes the experience more tailored to you. Unlike hotel rooms, serviced apartments have their own kitchens, a living area, and depending on where you booked, even more things that a hotel room is too small to provide.

Since serviced apartments are usually bigger than hotel rooms, it’s perfect for staycations for big families. You can cook and watch television at the same time or you can spend time lounging around a spacey living room with your family. You can do what you normally do at home while staying in serviced apartments. It lets you do more than just stay inside your room.


As mentioned earlier, serviced apartments are all made so that the people residing in them can be as self-sufficient as they can, while being as accessible to amenities as hotels. Some of these serviced apartments have their own entertainment facilities such as swimming pools, body treatment centers, and buffets. These apartments are not behind hotels when it comes to leisure.

Privacy and Security

Since these serviced apartments are basically fully furnished places that have the accommodation of a hotel, security is something they prioritize a lot. Serviced apartments are usually equipped with state of the art security systems in order to keep everyone staying in there safe.

In most serviced apartments, their security systems are setup in a way where they are not a disturbance to the residents. These places value the privacy of their customers greatly because they know that most of them come here to escape the hustle and bustle of their daily lives.


This a bonus for those who don’t want to end up cleaning after themselves for a while. Serviced apartments have their own scheduled housekeeping to keep your stay as clean and fresh as possible. You don’t even need to lift a finger, just let the personnel handle all the cleaning needs you have.


There are many serviced apartments all around the world, but for a staycation, one of the best areas to find serviced apartments is in Manila. This is because if ever you get the urge to go out, anything and everything is close enough for you to go to! There are many places to go to just to entertain yourselves right around the corner.

A serviced apartment in Manila puts you in the middle of the city and in the country. It is the main entertainment district of the Philippines with lots of shopping malls and tourist attractions.

At the same time, if you have the urge to go out of the city and in to the beautiful beaches or mountains of the provinces, transport terminals are all found in Manila. There is no doubt that Manila is the heart of the country.


The price to pay to stay in a serviced apartment does not differ from the price of a hotel stay. However, considering you get to have more in a serviced apartment, you will realize how much more efficient it is to stay in one. Unlike while staying in a hotel, where you need to buy food for yourself, serviced apartments are provided with a kitchen where you can cook what you want, greatly lessening your expenses.


Going out for a staycation typically means you want to relax. You want to forget the hardships that life brings you or the stress that comes with work. As much as it is nice to stay in a hotel, sometimes we easily get homesick and want the feeling of being at home.

Serviced apartments let you experience this in an endearing way. Since it is basically an apartment made to accommodate people like us, then the freedom of choice given by the place makes it feel almost like our home away from home.

Key Takeaway

If you’re planning to go on a staycation, then you would probably be looking for a place where you have the freedom to do whatever you want, without minding most of the smaller details. In recent years, there’s not a lot of places where you can do so because of numerous factors such as money, location, and time.

Going on a staycation can be an uncomfortable experience especially when you get caught up in something that makes you feel out of place. It is important for any staycation to find a home outside your home so consider what was mentioned above and it might be enough to make you consider trying out serviced apartments in the future!