Chieng Khoa Waterfall-the Must Come Destination in Van Ho, Son La

Chieng Khoa Waterfall (also known as Cloud Waterfall), is located in Chieng Khoa commune – Van Ho – Son La. This is the former Moc Chau district, but is about 24 km from Moc Chau district to the east, on the National Highway 43, towards Van Yen ferry. Therefore, if you plan to camp here, you should visit Moc Chau town center to prepare essential supplies.

Chieng Khoa Falls

How to get to Chieng Khoa waterfall

In recent years, Moc Chau (Son La) has become a popular destination frequented by tourists every weekend. The route to the waterfall is therefore also easier to go, less challenging than other jungle roads, so it is quite suitable for backpackers and visitors travelling by motorbikes for the first time.

You can ride your vehicle along the new Highway No. 6 to Moc Chau District, then ask locals for the route or use a location map, which  is pretty easy to find. Chieng Khoa Waterfall (Van Ho district, Son La province) is only 12 km away from Moc Chau district.

On the way, you will a signpost with directions: The Ferry 36 km, To Mua 14 km, here, you turn to To Mua Road, ride another 4 km to reach the beautiful Chieng Khoa waterfall.

The section of the path leading to waterfall is full of pebbles and tiny stones, so if riding a motorcycle, you must be careful because it is easy to slip, especially when it rains. If you go by car, it will save you time, it takes about 4 hours and a half  to get to Chieng Khoa Waterfall.

Chieng Khoa Falls

Exploring Chieng Khoa Waterfall

Chieng Khoa Waterfall is located in Chieng Khoa Commune, Van Ho District, Son La Province. It is a small waterfall that has not been put into tourist activities, so it is quite wild and natural. Therefore, discovering this waterfall is like taking part in an exploration as there is no swimming or rescue service, you need to be careful.

This waterfall is also known as the Cloud Falls by attaching to the legend of Xen Ban- Xo Muong flower Festival. Chieng Khoa Waterfall is the place where worshipers pray to worship the ancestors and commemorate the deities who gave birth to Muong village, where Thai people live.

Chieng Khoa Falls

In spite of being a small waterfall, Chieng Khoa waterfall has majestic beauty, the fierce water flowing from high creating white foam, and people can hear the echoes of the mountains. Saving the beautiful moments of this space, you will surely be overwhelmed, fascinated by the scene here.

Having to pass a long way, but when catching in sight the scene of the waterfall, you will feel that every tiredness and sorrow of life are gone out. It is really peaceful to watch the water flow rushing from the top of the mountain. The air around the waterfall is extremely fresh thanks to the water vapor and the vegetation surrounding the waterfall.

The water flowing down gather and form a cool blue water lake  with jade blue water which is extremely charming. Looking down at the foot of the falls, you will see the terraced fields as the attractive green salad cucumber slices, creating a unique landscape.

Chieng Khoa waterfall

Temporarily getting away form the heat, the sultry  in the city, the chaos of life to soak up the cool waters of the lake, breathe in the fresh air of the mountainous region or standing in the falls whose water is rushing down to massage the body, you will feel extremely refreshed and relax after a long journey to reach the waterfall.

If you travel in a group, you should prepare some food, drinking water. If you intend to stay overnight, please ask local people to allow you to sleep in their house, they are very hospitable, friendly and sociable.

Coming to Chieng Khoa Waterfall, you will also be treated to traditional Thai rice trays with unique dishes such as forest chicken, five- color sticky rice, stream fish, bitter bamboo shoots, buffalo meat…. Sometimes, you can join and enjoy the traditional customs and cultural activities such as singing, dancing… in the village.

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