Cardboard Boxbook Towns Blog

Have you ever wondered to quit the world behind you and wander into a tiny, little town of books?
Do you know what being in a book town feels like?
The wanderlust of a tiny book town can stir accolades of wonder.
A book town is indeed a bibliophile’s haven.
A place that’s eons away from the rest of the universe. An ultimate gateway to the galaxy of the books. A place with an aura of dazzling words, clustering like the stars knit around the moon.
A sanctuary of words, where words breathe, live and reign.
A place to simply escape.

As seen in the famous movie, V for Vendetta, I loved how the main vengeful character, V, would store the most awesomely collected books, from each and every corner of the world and the very sight of his breathtaking book collection makes me wonder! One can wish less for anything but books! And this is exactly why, whenever I travel to a holiday destination, I go like a gypsy, dressed in a casual pair of jeans and a kimono top, I always pack large cardboard boxes, piled with swarming floods of boxes and leave rest of the personal stuff far behind! A holiday that drowns me into the universal magnetism of the books is better than all the riches in world!

The Melody of Books

It’s supposed to be an idyllic dell beyond the end of the world. An end that lives and thrives within the existing world. A doorway like the Wardrobe in the Chronicles of Narnia, where Time thaws; like infinity, untold and unforeseen.
A corner, like the famed Diagon Alley of the Harry Potter series, a realm of books paves the way
! A corner where Time thaws and twigs shed words instead of leaves!

Let’s look at some of the best book towns hidden in the world.

Books towns Breathe with Letters and Words

Like unfurling the pages of the perfect fairytale, let’s scoop the world to find the best book towns tufted away from the common eyes of the world. They are mostly built secretly, as it seems to me, in the Elysian corners of the world, where Mother Nature lives, a place best for expressions to prosper. The gospels of sighing syllables make one feel like living there forever.

The book towns are supposed to be very charming to look at. The ebb and flow of words has the Midas touch to time transport a reader in a faraway world. They are mostly edgily situated on the hushed outskirts of the city, nestled in peaceable environments.
Readers love to find their own little corners where they can immerse their heart in a bowl of amiable words. They’re away from the city’s gaze. I think the best essence of a book town is the feature that it’s tucked away, in rustic settings, to glorify the classical feeling of reading books.

The Book Towns were born in the Year 1977

Are book towns created by the fairy gnomes who sit on toadstools and merrily read all the day?
I often thought, how it would be, to find the perfect way to the house of the little book gnome outside my house. However, I am still searching and so is my little one! Well, in the present world, a Welsh bookseller known as Richard Booth grew the first book town in history.

Hay -on -Wye: the Jerusalem of Books

Born in 1977, the book town was the brainchild of a bookseller, Richard Booth, who started the idea of an old and used books sold in book town named Hey. To help recreate a reading maze and evoke the reigning magic of words, he attracted a lot of literary tourism. Avid readers, who eat, breathe and live in the translation of words, idioms, expressions and phrases, flock tremendously to explore the best books ever. Like He hired the best staff who loved to read books and help the readers to explore and select the best of the books.

What astonishes people about the good, old fashioned book towns?

I’ve often seen some avid readers get mesmerized whenever I opinionate about the very concept of book havens or book towns, actually. I think people are actually overwhelmed at the idea of so many lost paradises of books around the world.

The very feeling of walking up the crispy steps of a book town, to be lured by the magic of words, to sniff and raft in a splendid world of books, to find an indulging comfort by merely touching words, is simply the best feeling. I find reading books as a means of soul searching and healing my heart, wary of the busy world.

Books Can Tear the Ebb and Flow of Time!

Books own the power and the capacity to tear time, like the Chromosphere used by Alice in my favorite novel based movie, the enchanted Time Turner.
Once I touch the books, I feel I might be as good as using a port key to dive in the faraway lands I’ve actually always wished to see and unravel, like the lost charms of Milan, like the enchanted fairytales of Florence, like the sweet rhapsody of Tuscany and like the quaint feeling of Prague; I feel I’ve been to each place by stepping on the pages of a book.
I wish I could also get hold of the timeless time turner Alice used in Wonderland to find the prettiest book town resting in the slumber of Time and never come back!