The beautiful Riads of ancient Rabat & Virikson Morocco

Huddled in the Medina and still preserved promoters and other real estate dealers, they will make you discover a real city of Morocco. Enjoy a stay in a true Riad of Morocco, in the heart of the medina of Rabat and come to visit among others, four of these magic Riads: Dar Alia, Riad Marhaba, Dar Mayssane, and Dar Aïda. Thank you to the managers of these Riads who have agreed to open freely in Morocco Holidays.


Among the four Riads that we have selected, Dar Alia is the closest to the souks, El-Hout Street, a few meters from the most touristic and the most famous street of the medina of Rabat, Rue des Consuls.

Located in an alley that crosses the medina, you are immediately in its commercial heart, close to the famous carpet dealers of Rabat. Here is nothing ostentatious: a simple but typically Moroccan decoration is alongside a more western but functional furniture. Dramatic zelliges, murals, green plants, colorful doors, white marble, Dar Alia transports you in a world of colors that suits the smiles of the reception staff.

Because in Dar Alia, the smile is as warm as the atmosphere of the Riad. The particularity of this riad is also to propose some rooms with windows open towards the outside. It is rare in the Medina and you can, from your room, enjoy in a privileged way the atmosphere of a Moroccan medina.


one of the assets of Riad Marhaba is undoubtedly its location in the medina of Rabat which confers to it since its splendid terrace a breathtaking view not only on the roofs of the medina but on the main tourist attractions of Rabat: Oudayas and its monumental Bab El Kebir gate, the Hassan Tower, the Makki mosque on Sidi Fatah Street etc. From breakfast in the morning to dinner in the evening, you will not be tired of this superb view!

The Riad Marhaba is not only its terrace, it is also its authenticity. On three levels, this Riad of modest size has been restored respecting its original state. Small rooms opening on to the open-air Patio, double-winged cedar wood doors and two parts, stucco friezes, zelliges in low basement, wrought iron staircases, ancient tiles, silk and wool carpets, Embroidered hangings etc., the feeling of being in another century with just what it takes to modern comfort not to break the spell. If you want to understand what a riad in Morocco is, go for a stay at the Riad Marhaba.


Undoubtedly one of the most atypical Riads of Rabat and Morocco. Near the Boulevard El Alou, one of the former colonial districts of the time of the French protectorate, Dar Mayssane is a rich residence, the superb building of several levels.

Atypical, Dar Mayssane is its decoration, mix of traditional Moroccan art, art deco and contemporary design, all in an exquisite scheduling that one discovers with surprise and amusement. Dar Mayssane is an entry into the Orient, an invitation to reverie, to prelass, to love what…

Even if the layout of this house does not seem to respect the traditional architecture of a Riad by its multiple terraces and these windows and balconies on the outside, the decorations, stucco, zelliges, woodwork, tiles and floors, everything is good period and beautifully enhanced by the owner.

Here you will sleep in a room with canopies with evocative name, the concubine, the sultana, the confidante or the lover … and no television; Then Dar Mayssane, you understand, the invitation is more to daydream, reading or love … and as the owner of this charming riad reminds you, you will find Dar Mayssane the luxurious Simplicity of an oriental atmosphere in Cheap Morocco Holidays.

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