5 Tasty Dishes Made from Squid in Saigon

1. Fried dried squid with “fish” sauce

Tasty Dishes Made from Squid in Saigon 1

Fried dried squid with Nuoc Mam (fish sauce) has been a favorite snack in Bui Vien Street. To make this dish, squids are slightly grilled, spread, torn into strips, then, poured into a frying pan including butter, garlic, sauce and other spices to make a crunchy and fragrant squid.

Tasty Dishes Made from Squid in Saigon 2
To munch on this snack, you just need to wave hand to the owner of delicious food stall and wait for a few minutes. The chief often advises you to taste this dish with flagrant knotweed when it’s quite hot and squid strips are still crunchy, tough, salty and sweet. You have to pay 2.5 $ to 3.5 $ for a portion (depends on the size).

2. Thai grilled squid

Tasty Dishes Made from Squid in Saigon 3

A super popular Thai grilled squid has conquered visitor’s taste for food. The secret recipe of this snack is that squids are slightly cut on its body and, later on grilled on heating charcoal. The chief will grill squids until it gets brown and pours some spicy sauce onto them before serving you.

Tasty Dishes Made from Squid in Saigon 4Tasty Dishes Made from Squid in Saigon 4
This Thai-cooking squid still keeps its fresh taste. In Vietnam, particularly, the sellers also sell sticky rice to eat with this dish so that guests can get full with just 4.5$ (averagely).

3. Grilled squid teeth

Tasty Dishes Made from Squid in Saigon 5

Squid teeth, which used to be mistakenly seen as its eyes and mouth are the round ones on its head. Many people used to cut them out because they do not understand its taste. Recently, however, Phan Thiet people have made use of this “useless” part to make special dishes.

Tasty Dishes Made from Squid in Saigon 6
They can cook a various attractive dishes with squid teeth. They are fried squid teeth with garlic and “fried pancake” (banh trang), or even, a more tasteful and fragrant one, fried squid teeth with satay. This dish has gradually become a famous local speciality in Phan Thiet, and, later on, appears in food stalls in Sai Gon.

4. Hong Kong “giant” squid

Tasty Dishes Made from Squid in Saigon 7

The “mouth-watering” stewed giant squid with hoisin sauce is now appearing in street food stalls in Sai Gon. Although squids here are smaller than those in Hong Kong, it still big enough to “favor” your mouth.

Tasty Dishes Made from Squid in Saigon 8

The squid itself is freshly white inside and brown outside due to the marination of sauce and other spices. If you want to taste this delicious dish, the chief will cut the hot ones into small pieces and pour sauce over them so that you can enjoy the most tasteful snack.

You might not “self-control” when seeing the chief’s process of fulfilling this tasteful food. You will unintentionally stare at it and swallow your saliva. It must be great that you can enjoy such a tasteful and eye-catching dish.

5. Fried giant squid

Tasty Dishes Made from Squid in Saigon 9

Fried giant squid, which has just emerged in Sai Gon, was promoted to customers at an E-mart in Go Vap district for the first time and quickly became popular. Squids are marinated with frying flour, then, fried in a pan that is full of boiling oil to ensure its fresh, crunchy and fragrant taste.

Tasty Dishes Made from Squid in Saigon 10
Interestingly, the fried squid is bigger than our normal face and “pamper” our appetite with flavourable, crunchy and salty taste. It may be the reason why visitors can’t stand enjoying it though they have to pay from 3$ to 4$ for just a portion. Some stalls also attract its travelers by dividing the portion into smaller ones with a cheaper price (from 1.5$ t0 2$).

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