5 Must-Visit Cities in South East Asia

5 Must-Visit Cities in South East Asia

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If you are a passionate traveler, you should head to Southeast Asia at least once in your life. It’s where you will discover a better share of the world’s amazing places. Over the years, this corner of the world has attracted tourists worldwide and has become a favorite travel destination. One prominent beauty in Southeast Asia is its vibrant cities you will discover. 

It’s no doubt you will be fascinated with the glamor they give out to the whole country with their high towering buildings, beautiful lights, and the luxurious ambiance. You will be more surprised with the rustic beauty, the culture and traditions you find underneath them.

Here, let us look into five prominent cities you must visit when traveling around Southeast Asia. They are commercialized transport hubs so you will find these cities awake day and night. Feel the energy as you discover these places buzzing with life.

 So, let’s start our journey.

#1- Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

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It is overwhelming and fascinating at the same time. It is a blend of both good and bad, old and new. It’s cultural, noisy, colorful and busy. 

Bangkok, which is a popular tourist destination, is one of the largest and the grandest cities in Southeast Asia. If you are heading here for the first time, make sure you plan ahead as things can get a little frustrating and difficult to make through this city.

But, the good news is with all the fantastic places you can discover here, Bangkok will prove that all your troubles are worth it. One of the top-notch destinations here is the Grand Palace. The architecture, precious historical value and the grandeur of the whole place is what really puts this place up on the pedestal. 

If you’ve ever been to South East Asia before, the chances are you’ve visited Bangkok countless times. Don’t worry since there are so many things this grand city has to offer. Check out Bangkok’s off-the-beaten-path destinations and enjoy every day wandering around stunning Thai capital.

You can also be fascinated with its grand temples and cultural sites like Wat Arun (The Temple of Dawn) and Wat Pho. If you are looking for a cool kind excitement head to the Safari World or the Dream World, which is a theme park that is ideal for a fun-filled family adventure.

#2-  Singapore, Singapore

Singapore, Singapore

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As the most developed city in Southeast Asia, Singapore has endless things to offer, places to show and adventures to gift you. You will be stunned when you land on this playground of the rich because it is sharply up-to-date with its modern image.

But as you continue to explore this city, you will find that there’s also mystery and rustic adventure to discover. Get into the world’s most giant observation wheel and be thrilled by the breathtaking 360° views you see. 

Then decide on your next adventure by picking out from a Night Safari or a River Safari. But let me warn you, you will inevitably end up visiting both because it’s exciting. Other places include the Merlion Park, Gardens by the Bay, Sentosa Island, Helix Bridge and much more. Singapore has not forgotten to retain the best of its culture. 

So you can always explore culture through visiting The Sultan Mosque, the Changi Chapel or the Temple of Love. To learn how Singapore used to be in the past, visit the Singapore History Museum or the civilian Memorial. Singapore has become an untimely destination to visit and the grandest city in Southeast Asia.

#3- Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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This iconic city is famous among honeymooners to ordinary travelers for many reasons. Being one of the grandest cities in Southeast Asia, Kuala Lumpur is a great place to explore and wander purely for its beauty. 

Over the years, tourists who visit here have expanded in numbers and the city has adapted to it fantastically by equipping itself with new fabulous places for visitors to discover. Today, your visit here will leave you with countless choices of what to do and where to go in this Malaysian city. 

Witness and be inspired by the very famous Petronas Twin Towers. Be amazed at the KL Bird Park, and the Batu Caves or get into an adventure in the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park. You can top your visit here with a walk at night to sight the glamorous nightlife while enjoying the delicious Malaysian cuisine at Jalan Alor. 

#4- Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia

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It’s where you get the best of Indonesia whether it be the culture, the cuisine or the places. If you fancy tasting varieties of ethnic food cooked in delicious flavors, you can get them a lot here.

As one of the grandest cities in Southeast Asia, Jakarta has itself prepared for the tourists it attracts worldwide. Visit Monas, the national monument of this famous city and then head to the beach at Ancol Dream Park in the evening to witness the spectacular sunset. Dream Park has much more to offer you than a beautiful ambiance. Hop into this paradise of fun and adventure as it has an amusement park, water adventures, animal shows and much more! 

If you are an art lover, entertainment lies in the National Gallery of Indonesia which consists of an exquisite ethnic art collection. 

#5- Manila, Philippines

Manila, Philippines

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What the Philippines have to offer you is a city of a different kind. Manila is a blend of both Eastern and Western culture. You will see that the architecture which is what Manila is really famous for portrays a perfect touch of elegance with the influence of both Asia and Spain.

If you think what’s really exciting here, that would be all-time famous animated water fountain shows or the Star City, the amusement park with many attractions. There’s also the Coconut Palace, the Rizal Monument, and the Binondo Church if you are seeking for grand architecture and rich history. 

Another reason why Manila is famous is for its scenic views of dawn and sunsets. If you are looking for peace, head towards the beach and you will find yourself in a soothing ambiance in no time. So, whichever the mood you in, Manila will take care of it!

So, start your travel to Southeast Asia and head to these cities to make captivating memories for a lifetime.

Have you ever visited any city from the list? What’s your favorite SEAn capital and why?