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Nepal Trekking Quick Guide

Nepal Trekking Quick Guide

Nepal is a trekker’s blessing from heaven since it bears lovely perspectives, testing yet compensating trips and a large group of similar explorers to give you extraordinary organization. You might be a prepared trekker or a beginner beginning – we have both your backs! Experience our rundown of top spots for trekking in Nepal, and rediscover your wild side!


Badrinath | Heaven lying in the peaks of Himalayas

A previous Indian adage goes, “There are several sacred spots of journeying within the heavens, earth and also the nether world, however there has been none equal to Badri. The account root for the name of the city goes to the Badri Van, wherever the lush green Badri trees grow. In keeping with an area story, the word badri springs from the wild berry that Lord Vishnu (God of the Hindu trinity, entrusted with conserving the Universe) survived on throughout his reparation at Badri Van.