12 Highly-Rated Tourist Attractions in Philippines

Do you want to explore Philippines? Looking for beautiful place to visit and best cities in Philippines to add in your bucket list? Look no further; this list of 12 highly-rated tourist attractions in Philippines by iEagle is all you need.

Tubbataha reef – A scuba-diver’s wet dream

12 Highly-Rated Tourist Attractions in Philippines

Apart from being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Tubbataha Reef in the Sulu Sea is also one of the most notable diving sites in Philippines. Among the most prominent tourist attractions in Philippines, the Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park is a marine sanctuary that conserves various reefs and uninhabited islands as well as the marine life living in them. The marine sanctuary is a home to 360 coral species, 13 dolphin and whale species, at least 600 fish species and 100 bird species as well as 11 shark species.

Mayon volcano – An adventure’s paradise

Mayon Volcano, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Philippines, is widely known for its elegant symmetrical cone shape. Standing at over 8000 ft. tall, the Mayon Volcano has been declared as a natural park by Philippines and a highlight of Albay Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO while also nominating it as a World Heritage Site. In the past 4 centuries the Mayon volcano has erupted 49 times, making it one of the most active volcanoes in Philippines. The most devastating eruption took place in February of 1814 when the Mayon volcano destroyed the nearby towns by shooting out volcanic rocks. If you’re looking for an adventure, make sure you put this on your Philippines bucket list.

Puerto Princesa Underground River – a tree-hugger’s heaven

Puerto Princesa Underground River, a conservation area in the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, is located in the mountain ranges of Saint Paul on the west coast of Palawan Island. Declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, this peculiar natural phenomenon is also the world’s longest crossable underground river. Don’t miss the boat tour into the underground river unless you hate magnificent landscapes with fascinating natural rock formations.

Donsol – A perfect family vacation

Donsol is a small town in the Sorsogon Province of Philippines which is famous for its pristine beaches, beautiful waterfalls and mysterious caves. Between the months of November and June, you can spot numerous whale sharks swimming on the coasts of Donsol.

Chocolate hills – A field day for photographers

Chocolate Hills, one of the most iconic tourist attractions in Philippines, is an unusually yet naturally formed hill range on the Bohol Island. The name comes from the fact that the hills turn brown like chocolate during the summer season. Bohol also offers you, apart from Chocolate Hills, white sandy beaches, historic churches and quirky wildlife.

Boracay – Lovers’ Paradise

Boracay is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Philippines with a wide range of activities to offer. Perfect for a romantic vacation or a honeymoon, the small island has one of the best beaches in the world, the white beach, along with amazing resorts, bars, and restaurants. For solo travellers and adventurers, there are a ton of crazy fun activities like parasailing, scuba diving, horse riding, motorbiking, cliff diving, kite surfing, snorkeling and an exploration into the volcanic caves and isolated coves of Turquoise lagoon in El Nido.

Banaue rice terraces – Staircase to Heaven

Carved into the mountains of Ifugao, the Banaue Rice Terraces of Philippines is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Philippines. The indigenous people of Philippines carved the stunning farm terraces 2000 years ago, without any modern equipment, for the cultivation of rice and vegetables. The farm terraces of Banaue, which look like staircases to heaven, are still being used for farming although the younger generations of Ifugao tribe are migrating to cities leaving farming behind.

Skeleton Shipwreck, Coral garden scuba-diving in Coron – Adventurer’s dream vacation

Coron Island is a central hub of the Busuanga and Calamian archipelago with many exciting and adventurous activities to offer. A few of the activities available on this hidden tourist spot in the Philippines are trekking, island hoping, kayaking and scuba diving. Also, it has two of the most interesting scuba diving spots in Philppines: Skeleton Shipwreck and Coral Garden. If you’re expecting adventure during your Philippines tour, you must visit the Coron Island.

Hanging coffins – for those who love spooky adventures

If you’re looking for thrilling adventure, then take the arduous trek to the hanging coffins of Sagada. This eerie tourist spot in Philippines has garnered popularity among the travellers for its strange burial rituals. The 2000 year-old ritual was born from the indigenous tribesmen’s fear of being buried underground. Although not practiced often anymore, the practice still continues to this day. Drooping on the cliffs of Echo Valley at high altitudes, the hanging coffins at Sagada is one of the most historic and unique tourist attractions in Philippines.

Corregidor Island – the place for history buffs

Corregidor Island is one of the most famous historic landmarks in Philippines as an important battle took place at Corregidor Island during the Second World War between Imperial Japan and the united forces of Americana and Philippines. In 1941, it served as the temporary capital of Philippine Commonwealth Government before becoming the headquarters for the Allied Forces after the successful Japanese imperial invasion a year later. If you’re a history buff, put “the Corregidor Island” on your Philippines bucket list.

Magdapio Falls, Laguna – A thrilling boat ride

Magdapio Falls near the town of Pagsanjan town, also known as Pagsanjan Falls or Cavinti falls is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Philippines. It falls under the conservation area of Pagsanjan Gorge National Park, a 377 acre National Park in Laguna province of Philippines. To reach the Pagsanjan waterfalls, you can either: take thrilling boat ride downstream on the Bumbungan River (a.k.a. Pagsanjan river) or as the locals call it “shooting the rapids”; or take a hike to the falls from the nearby town of Cavinti. However, we at iEagle strongly recommend taking the thrilling boat ride on a dugout canoe as it is one of the most exciting and popular way of reaching the water falls since the Spanish colonial era.

Surigao del Sur – A treat for nature lovers

If you want explore Philippines natural treasures, you can’t miss the Hinatuan Enchanted River, a deep spring river on the Mindanao Island. Considered as sacred among the local tribes, the Hinatuan River is a well-known tourist attraction among Filipinos for its enchanting hues of blue which varies with the depth of the water. What is the most fascinating thing about the Hinatuan Sacred River is the fact that its actual depth is yet unknown. It is also a natural habitat for many species of turtles. There are also several legends surrounding this peculiar river. One of the legends says that it is impossible to catch a fish in the enchanted river as it is protected by the nature spirits. Don’t miss the other popular tourist attraction in Mindanao – Tinuy-an Falls, the breathtaking multi-level waterfalls located in Bislig, Surigao del Sur.

For a memorable holiday trip to Philippines, you must have these 12 highly-rated tourist attractions in Philippines on your bucket list.

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