10 Places to visit in Vietnam that will make you fall in love with the country

Vietnam, an Oriental and rich in culture country, located in Southeast Asia, is the exact community you want to be a part of in your holiday vacation with your family for some extraordinary quality-time amidst the vivid beauty of tradition, nature, culture, and art. Due to the secluded geographical location, the country is intact in its form to attract travel enthusiasts and international tourists and, thereby, it is all the more appealing to the individuals who are fond of uniqueness and unconventionality. Hereby, we present you 10 such regions which will leave you mesmerized and wanting for more.

  1. Away from earth to cloud nine at Da Lat

The immediate attention in this refreshing hill station is driven to the rule of majestic pinewood trees and adventurous twisting roads for feat lovers. During the winter season, the spotlight is captured by the eternal blossoming of marigold trees. This breathtaking city is ideal for having a peaceful family time. Another location to visit is the lovely Xuan Huong Lake which is centrally situated. The climate, area, villas and scenic beauty of this pleasant city makes any person forget about stress and anxiety and give in to the calmness.

  1. Exuberant and exclusive Da Nang 

You definitely do not want to miss out on this mind-boggling and first-class visual treat whether you are a party lover or an explorer. The vibrant neon light spreading across the serene Han River makes it a prominent catch on! The Dragon Bridge which is illuminated by lights is both literally and figuratively lively – it breathes out fire. This centre being the largest city in Central Vietnam, is, therefore, worth every moment of visitation.

  1. A heavenly time in Hell Cave 

If you want to witness something which gives you goosebumps, this is something you do not to leave out of your list. This cave which is more than three millennium old, the rumour has it that the Devil himself had been present there. The entrance is black and dark, peculiar patterns and pagodas are carved inside. It is located among the largest of the five marble mountains, Water Mountain. To have access to the interior, the visitor must pass the spine-chilling statues of demons, snakes and other eerie figures.

  1. The quirkiness of Hanoi’s Train Street 

How often do we come across a street where a speeding train greets us in the afternoon and the evening times in a day, just few inches from the doors of the residential homes? This is a different involvement altogether. Where the clothes are spread out to dry on the track, where the children play outdoors, where the everyday people passes through and across these tracks numerous times, the train is another part of their daily humming life. This sui generis shall undoubtedly be a delight to your children.

  1. A green treat from Sa Pa 

 Want to travel away from bustling streets and whisking cities? Welcome to the fantastic land of fresh breathing and deep sighing. A phenomenal site to behold with its august farm terraces, conical mountains and unfathomable shades of greenery. You can also partake in the routines of the neighboring minor villages which, till date, uphold their essential traditional livelihood. Both enriching and scenic, this is a must on your list.

  1. Sailing with Ha Long Bay 

Is a vacation complete without spending moments in water transportation? The flawless, sky-coloured sea amidst the ambitious limestone pillars, isles of different shapes and sizes, scattered islands looming over this humble waterbody, this is an absolute enchantment to sail on the boat and be stupefied by the magnanimity of the whole landscape. The oceanic biodiversity is so rich with all its flora and fauna, you cannot resist the temptation to indulge in scuba-diving.

  1. Exciting Expedition at The Mekong Delta 

The Mekong River’s last encounter before uniting with the South China Sea, this vast Delta is a feast of mangrove forests, unhurried aquatic system and exotic wildlife. An extremely fertile region, travelers and fishermen are attracted to this harmonious, amicable atmosphere created by colorful boats, wooden houses and diverse markets floating on the river. To seek solace as well as to have a great shopping experience, you do not want to cross out.

  1. Luxurious and lavishing Ho Chi Minh City 

This buzzing with life metropolitan city is the ultimatum for any of the tourist to visit. It is located in Southeastern Vietnam and it is the centre of all trades, diversity, culture, technology and city life. The whole city awakes with the vast expansion of building lights in the night time. Anything and everything you want, just a few walks away. With all it’s various delicacies, beautiful dresses, souvenirs and mementos, this is the place you want to seek to spend in extravaganza.

  1. The wonderful city of Hoi An 

Who does not want to visit ancient historic places when visiting a culturally-rich country? This coastal port city, with its well-preserved ancient towns and cutting through canals, will make your jaw drop with its multi-cultural facets of architecture from French Colonial era. On your way, you can get to visit the famous Japanese Covered Bridge with ornate details and accompanying 18th-century pagoda. After your long tiring day, you can opt-in for a busy riverside food market with a breath-taking view of Cua Dai and An Bang beach, lined in palm trees and seafood huts. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of busking in its humid tropical weather in your Vietnam trip.

  1. The exoticism of wilderness in Cat Ba

 A seemingly quiet and obscure harbour, but in actuality, the sheer wildness with trees, steeped rocks, and unexplored island are some open invitations to the explorers and travelers. It is a national park that is raw in its entirety for hiking, climbing, and kayaking. For the out-of-the-world view, Cannon Fort is mandatory.

This is, therefore, a mind-blowing Vietnam tour package designed by Pickyourtrails for you and your family which is absolutely unforgettable and unparalleled! Once you have visited all the mentioned sites, you want to come back here again and again.