10 Experiences Entirely Unique To The Philippines

Swimming with the whale sharks in Oslob, sailing the Paraw in Boracay, exploring the Princesa Puerto River or touring around Manila on the Jeepney, … are some of the many exciting experiences for visitors to the Philippines.

Traveling around Manila on Jeepney


Jeepney is a feature of Manila, and can even be considered a symbol of Philippine traffic. These cars are painted a lot of colorful, without air conditioning, no windows, but they’re extremely flexible and cheap. Sitting on the Jeepney to ride around Manila is definitely a very enjoyable experience.


The Philippines is blessed with beautiful blue beaches, pristine islands that have not yet been imprinted. And here is a activity that visitors enjoy it is diving. The colorful coral reef off the coast of Boracay, Cebu or Palawan Island always stimulates the curiosity of visitors to explore. Traveling to the Philippines without going snorkeling is like missing an opportunity to explore the wildlife.

Sailing on the Princesa Puerto River


Princesa Puerto National Park, located in the Saint Paul Mountains in northern Palawan, is a famous eco-tourism destination in the Philippines. However, the most intriguing thing for visitors here is rowing a boat within the 8 km long underground river to see caves and stalactites formed millions of years ago.

Swim with whale sharks in Oslob


In the past, Oslob was a rather boring town, but now it becomes an extremely attractive destination for the unique service: swimming with whale sharks. This is one of the largest shark species in the world and this tour has brought a considerable income for the local. Next to Oslob, visitors can also admire the beauty of the Tumalog Waterfall or Sumilon Island for a chance to immerse themselves in the beautiful beaches.

Conquer the Banaue terraces


Banaue terraced rice field in Ifugao city was declared a World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 1995. The visitors here are truly overwhelmed by the magnificent terraces here. The slopes, mountain slopes are covered by new beds are newly transplanted. The best way to conquer the terraces is to walk with the help of the local people with a stick. Deep within the mountains is home to the Batad with the famous Hudhud song and this is also the first intangible heritage recognized in Southeast Asia.

Adventure game on the tallest building in Cebu


Travelers who love adventure games will enjoy playing games at the tallest building in Cebu (40 stories), such as walking, skating, or walking between two buildings, a special activities that brings great excitement and intimacy to visitors. After completing these games, visitors will be granted a certificate of recognition. This is also a beautiful place to enjoy panoramic views of Cebu from above.

Sail Paraw in Boracay

If you come to Boracay, one of the things you should do is experience the Paraw Sailing Experience. In addition to exploring the traditional culture of the sea people, this trip is a very enjoyable experience. According to many people’s experience, the best time to get to Paraw is in the afternoon. Sailing out to sea, you will enjoy the entire beautiful coast of Boracay.

Join the lively Ati-Atihan Festival


Appeared for 800 years, the Ati-Atihan is considered to be the biggest, most colorful and exciting spring festival in the Philippines. The festival is held in the third week of January in Kalibo, central Aklan province in Panay Island, Philippines. This is the occasion for the people of Philippines to honor the lord comic, the guardian god for the country. Attending the festival, visitors will be immersed in the exciting atmosphere with colorful costumes, wild dance and drum rumbling everywhere.

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